13 GIFs That Explain Military Service, According To The Internet

Military service can be a lot of things to a lot of people. Yes, we can all be proud of it, but it comes with a lot of bullshit, idiocy, and shenanigans. At times, it feels less like that, and more like this. We at Task & Purpose asked you to share the GIFs that best capture your military service. You didn’t disappoint.

Remember MEPS?

What I tell my family I do:

What I actually do:

ASVAB waivers.

Military service is a calling: A police calling.

Death by…

No, seriously, Powerpoint presentations are a war crime.

When you’re left with an extra crate of 5.56 mm at the range.

The passive aggressive lieutenant.


“Nah, I don’t need a haircut. Oh, hey…sergeant major. Shit.”

When you hear liberty’s cancelled because of those animals on the third deck.

I have a tan belt in MCMAP, I’ve totally got this…


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