AK-47 Vs M16: This Epic Video Decides Which Is Better

The AK-47 and the AR15/M16 are the two most recognizable assault rifles on the planet. So it’s only natural that a debate rages within the firearms community as to which weapons system is better

Well folks, you can stop arguing, the debate is over.

In a video posted on YouTube, Carnik Con puts the AK-47 and the AR15 through a battery of (totally fair) tests, and the AK-47 emerges the victor.

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My favorite moment comes when they test the durability of the weapons. With just a little bit of dirt sprinkled on a forward bolt, the M16 jams. Our frustrated host throws it, a feeling many U.S. forces are familiar with.

The AK-47, however, perhaps the most durable weapon on the planet, operates when lathered with cottage cheese, peanut butter, and even a ham sandwich.

“Daaaangit, I dropped my ham sandwich in my AK again!”

Check out the video. (Warning, contains profanity.)

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