Adam Linehan

Adam Linehan is a senior staff writer for Task & Purpose. Between 2006-2012, he served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army, and is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Prior to joining the T&P team, Adam was a staff editor at Maxim.

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Joint Chiefs of Staff march along Pennsylvania Ave. during the Department of Defense Dress Rehearsal in Washington, D.C., Jan. 15, 2017.
Marines Warn Against Too Much Fun At Trump’s Inauguration
The Marine Corps has just released a set of guidelines for Marines and sailors attending the inauguration in D.C., and, yeah, it makes pretty good sense.
10 Questions Only A Veteran Would Ask Vincent ‘Rocco’ Vargas
Article 15’s Vincent Vargas is a rising star in the military community, which is why we wanted to ask him: “What’s the dumbest thing you ever did as a private?”
UFC fighter Tim Kennedy motivates troops during a USO show at the Cincu Training Area, Romania, as Army Gen. Frank Grass, chief, National Guard Bureau, leads the first-ever National Guard USO Tour, May 20, 2016.
All-American Badass Tim Kennedy Retires From The UFC
Kennedy, a U.S. Army Green Beret who has been fighting professionally since 2001, is stepping away from the octagon for good.
U.S. Senators John McCain, Arizona; Saxy Chambliss, Georgia; and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina; tour the Kirkuk Police Academy in northeastern Iraq as part of a congressional delegation. The senators visited military leaders in the region as part of a fact-finding mission, Nov. 23, 2007.
McCain Proposes Plan To Completely Reverse Obama’s Defense Sequester
If implemented, McCain’s plan would significantly boost personnel numbers and fleet sizes across the military.
Arbab Khizer Hayat
Health & Fitness
This 960-Pound ‘Hulk Man’ Eats 36 Eggs A Day And Wants To Wrestle In The WWE
The only thing bigger than Arbab Khizer Hayat himself is his appetite for total domination.
Retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly testifies during the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on his confirmation to be Secretary of Homeland Security on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017.
Gen Kelly Had The Perfect Response When Someone Suggested He Wear An American Flag Pin
Retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly’s decision to not wear an American flag pin on his lapel raises a good question: Why do politicians wear them?
A businessman prepares to increase focus and productivity at work.
Health & Fitness
Civilians Have Just Discovered The Benefits Of Masturbating At Work
Does masturbating on the clock boost job performance? Some experts think so.
LeHew in Kuwait, 2003
Unsung Heroes
UNSUNG HEROES: The Marine Gunny Whose Incredible Actions Earned Him The Nickname ‘Hero Of Nasiriyah’
When a company of Army soldiers were ambushed in enemy territory, Gunnery Sgt. Justin LeHew helped lead the rescue effort. Then he fought on.
A WingBoard is tested in a wind tunnel.
Gear & Tech
Wingboarding Is The Extreme Sport Of The Future, And The Future Has Arrived
A new sport will put athletes in the sky, on a board, and behind an airplane. It’s just as crazy as it sounds.
Scene from Jarhead
Finally, Scientific Proof That People Who Swear More Are Just More F***ing Honest
If this is true (and who are we to argue with science) the military might be the most honest place on Earth.
Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe’s Letter To A Dying Soldier Is The Perfect Message From A Celebrity
In a letter to the mother of an ailing Special Forces veteran, the former host of “Dirty Jobs” reminds us what it means to be an American.
Here’s A Look At The Fort Lauderdale Shooter’s Now-Disabled Instagram Account
Esteban Santiago, the 26-year-old identified in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, served in the Army National Guard and posted Instagram photos from his deployment to Iraq before the account was taken down.
Russian Marines in action
Russian Marines Go Full ‘Bloodsport’ During Show-Of-Force Demonstration In The Philippines
Watch a group of Russian Marines show off their sick karate skills in this brick-smashing display of military might.
Donald ‘The Ratings Machine’ Trump Dukes It Out With Schwarzenegger Over TV Ratings
As ratings for "The New Celebrity Apprentice" slump, the president-elect reminds his successor that he's still number one.
Adam Driver and Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone And Adam Driver Team Up For Movie About Wounded Afghan Vet Travis Mills
Travis Mills, a former staff sergeant with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, survived an IED explosion that took his arms and legs. Now, his harrowing story is headed to the big screen.
Spc. Kyle Lauth, of Calverton, N.Y., sips an energy drink in preparation for a dismounted patrol through the Hussaniyah town of the Istaqlal Qada, Dec. 29, 2008.
What The Military Doesn’t Get About Why Troops Love Energy Drinks
The Department of Defense has just released a statement encouraging service members to avoid drinking too much caffeine. Here’s why it’s out of touch with reality.
Gear & Tech
This Man-Controlled Robot Is Straight Out Of ‘Avatar’ And 100% Real
Inspired by Hollywood, Method-2, a giant man-controlled robot, is destined for real-world application...if you can afford it.
Allen Burney, of Des Moines, Iowa, waves a Veterans for Peace flag during a protest at the Iowa Air National Guard base, Monday, March 17, 2014, in Des Moines, Iowa. The protesters were rallying against the use of drones to carry out military strikes.
This Vets Group Thinks We Owe All Of Humanity An Apology For The Atomic Bomb
A veterans organization has just apologized to all of humanity for the atomic bombings of Japan during World War II. This is why they’re out of line.