Jack Mandaville

Jack Mandaville is a writer, content creator, and social media strategist. He has conceptualized, written, directed, and starred in hundreds of videos for Ranger Up Apparel and was a leading actor in the 2016 film Range 15. He spends his downtime watching Netflix alone in his substandard condo.

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US Marines Corps (USMC) Marines from the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines (1/7), Charlie Company, Twentynine Palms, California (CA), cover each other with 5.56 mm M16A2 assault rifles as they prepare to enter one of Saddam Husseins palaces in Baghdad as they takeover the complex in April 2003.
My War Turns 14 Today, And I’m Happy That I Don’t Care
The Iraq War is now old enough for a learner’s permit, but this infantry Marine doesn’t look back on his time in the sandbox as something mystical or magical.