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Best Jobs in 2013 For Veterans

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Finding a job after being discharged from the military can be difficult, but there are jobs available. With a little leg work, veterans can find jobs that are better than the average due to their military background. Some of the best jobs for veterans in 2013 are available now.

Understanding just how your military experience can translate into a civilian career can start with finding out what your skills are. Monster’s Skills Translation webpage can help you understand your job skills in civilian terms.

Jobs Requiring Security Clearances

Some of the best jobs for veterans in 2013 are government jobs. Many of the skills gained in the services can be easily adopted to fit government positions, especially if you have a secret clearance (or higher). Veterans possessing a secret clearance have an advantage over anyone without one because of the time it takes to process them. Some job possibilities are in the fields of Homeland Security, working with Defense contractors, and telecommunications companies such as Verizon. Intelligence Analysts are also in great demand and can work with agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and various military branches (average salary, about $85,000).

Computer Experts

As a veteran, one of the best fields to get into, if you have the experience, is in the area of computers and related technology. Open jobs in this area include IT Program Managers, Systems Engineers, IT Consultants, IT Network Engineers and Administrators, IT Consultants, and Software Developers. Each of these fields is expecting to see a growth higher than most other industries through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Salaries range from $50,000 to $91,000.

Marketing Research Experts

Marketing remains a hot industry and competition certainly is fierce as many companies either want to survive, or are striving to find and develop the next hottest gadget. The BLS predicts that marketing research experts will grow as much as 28 percent in the next few years, which will make it one of the fastest growing industries around.

Overseas Jobs

Countries such as Australia are also currently looking for veterans who are willing to work in the construction and mining fields. A shortage of workers has already opened the door American veterans, where the government has already simplified the process to allow you to get in easily. This could be one of the top jobs for veterans 2013. Jobs can be found at some American job fairs, and pay will be from $65,000 to $200,000+ for engineers.

Be an Entrepreneur – Start Your Own Business

Instead of going for one of the typical top jobs for veterans 2013, many veterans will want to try their hand at starting their own business. Many have done well this way, since veterans are well-experienced in leadership, thinking quickly and being highly organized – all of which make for good entrepreneurs. Some franchises are also military-friendly and provide special assistance for veterans.

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