4 Firefight Photos From Afghanistan’s Deadliest Province
Here are four incredible photos from the most dangerous province in Afghanistan, during the war’s deadliest year.
Legendary Golfer Arnold Palmer Got His Start In The Coast Guard
Before he was a golfer, Arnold Palmer was a yeoman in the U.S. Coast Guard.
Paratroopers engage insurgents in southern Ghazni province
These 5 Photos Capture The Chaos Of Afghanistan’s Fighting Season
Here are five photos that perfectly capture the chaos of the fighting season in Ghazni province, Afghanistan.
A grimacing infantryman returns fire with his M249 squad automatic weapon. Food, water, and ammunition had to be flown in to the isolated outposts the soldiers operated out of.
5 Incredible Firefight Photos From One Of Afghanistan’s Deadliest Provinces
Here are five amazing photos from a firefight in Afghanistan’s Kunar province during one of the deadliest years in the war.
A panel from the instructions printed on the flameless ration heater shows the phrase “rock or something.”
Here’s The Ridiculous Story Behind A ‘Rock Or Something’
How “rock or something” became a phrase recognized across the military.
Soviet submarine B-59 with a U.S. Navy helicopter overhead in Oct. 1962.
A Soviet Nuclear Torpedo, An American Destroyer, And The Cuban Missile Crisis
A former naval officer recalls how nuclear Armageddon almost started at sea in October 1962.
The USS Independence in San Francisco Bay, 1943.
Watch A Research Team Explore The Wreckage Of A Scuttled World War II Ship
Tonight, researchers will be live streaming a mission to explore the USS Independence off the coast of San Francisco.
A photo composite shows Marine fighter ace Gregory “Pappy” Boyington and a A Vought F4U Corsair.
MOH Recipient ‘Pappy’ Boyington Was A Brawler, Drinker, And Legendary Fighter Ace
How Medal of Honor and Navy Cross recipient Gregory “Pappy” Boyington led the Marine Corps’ storied Black Sheep Squadron to victory during World War II.
Christian Golczynski, 8, receives the flag that covered the coffin of his father, U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Golczynski, from Lt. Col. Ric Thompson during a graveside service in Wheeler, Tenn.
The 8 Most Iconic War Photos Of All Time
Some of the most iconic photographs in modern history have been taken during wartime.
During the Civil War, criminals were sometimes branded with the first letter of their crime on various parts of the body — usually the forehead
10 Brutal Punishments That Used To Be Legal In The Military
Next time you cry about having to work an extra CQ shift, remember that in the past you could have been flogged.
Revenue Captain William Cooke seizes contraband gold landed from a French privateer in 1793.
How Alexander Hamilton Launched The Coast Guard
The original Coast Guard was nothing like today’s.
Jeeps on display at Aldham Old Time Rally in 2015.
The Jeep Is 75 Years Old And Tougher Than Ever
The iconic Jeep was born out of wartime necessity. Now it’s 75 years old and tougher than ever.
GI Joe Was Designed To Be A More Badass Ken Doll
There’s a pretty big difference between Mattel’s Ken doll and Hasbro’s G.I. Joe. That was deliberate.
Sergeant Reckless a highly decorated US Marine Corps artillery horse in the Korean War pictured beside a 75mm recoilless rifle.
Marine War Horse Honored For Battlefield Bravery In Korean War
This war horse repeatedly mounted steep mountains to transport ammo to frontline troops and bring wounded Marines to safety.
The Harvey's Casino Bombing, 1980.
How An IED Found In A Nevada Casino ‘Defeated’ An FBI Bomb Squad in 1980
Watch this video of an FBI special agent discussing the most complex IED ever encountered on U.S. soil.