Field modified Guide Lamp M3 submachine gun in the collection of Musée National d'Histoire Militaire (The National Museum of Military History) in Diekirch, Luxembourg.
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This Classic Submachine Gun Fought With The Resistance In Europe And SEALs In Vietnam
The M3 was a standard machine gun for many military and paramilitary groups from the middle of World War II through and even beyond Vietnam.
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Forget the Sig Sauer — 5 Deadly Alternatives To The Army’s New Pistol
In replacing the standard-issue Beretta 9mm with Sig Sauer’s P320, the Army overlooked several creative alternatives.
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This Crazy RV Is Like A House With 4-Wheel Drive
Germany’s Bimobil EX 435 takes RVing to whole other level.
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These Are The 50-Round Magazines The Navy Made For SEAL M16s
SEALs in Vietnam wanted to lay down sustained fire with the M16. These are the magazines the Navy invented to do that.
The Chevy Colorado ZH2
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Troops Might Soon Be Riding The Hydrogen-Powered Chevy Colorado ZH2 Into Battle
The Army is testing a Chevy truck for use in ground combat, and it’s powered by hydrogen. But is it really necessary?
shot show
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What Happened At SHOT Show
SHOT Show 2017 dropped new guns, new gear, and new optimism for the firearms industry.
xm17 2
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The Army’s New Sig Pistol Is A Huge Step Up
The process may not be complete, however, as Sig Sauer’s competitors may still file a protest with the Government Accountability Office.
mt500 2
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You Can Buy This Badass Military-Inspired Harley Right Now
It’s estimated there are fewer than 500 of these beasts left in the world.
EC-130J in flight.
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How The Military Conducts PSYOPS
Thanks to an Army manual obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Task & Purpose can share some of the gear used in psychological operations.
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Kel-Tec Just Unveiled Its New Compact Rifle
Check out Kel-Tec’s unconventional bullpup that’s now in pre production.
U.S. Soldiers attached to Bravo Company, 445th Civil Affairs Battalion, participate in tactical range training using M-9 handguns at Normandy Range Complex, Basra, Iraq.
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The Army Has Finally Picked Its Next Service Pistol
On Thursday, the Army awarded Sig Sauer the contract to make the next service pistol based on the company's P320 handgun model.
The Army tests its hoverbike prototype at Aberdeen Proving Ground.
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The Army Just Flew Its New Hoverbike Prototype
The Army tested the first iteration of a resupply hoverbike.
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This Former SEAL Sells Targets That Bleed Red, White, And Blue
The self-described “former-Navy-SEAL-turned-accidental businessman” sells targets and tactical training to government agencies.
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Now’s Your Chance To Command Your Own Private Air Force
The company is selling 20 aircraft, plus spare parts, for just $200,000.
SilencerCo's Maxim 9  integrally suppressed pistol
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Say Hello To This New Pistol With A Built-In Suppressor
Suppressor manufacturer SilencerCo is finally ready to launch the Maxim 9.