The EX-T01 from Hogue Inc.
Gear & Tech
This Super Light Tomahawk Is Agile, Deadly And Designed By A Recon Marine
A new Tomahawk from former Recon Marine Allen Elishewitz and Hogue Inc. was designed to be light, agile, and deadly.
How to open a beer with a Bottle Breacher.
Gear & Tech
These .50 Caliber Bottle Openers Combine Your Favorite Things: Ammo And Beer
Former Navy SEAL and entrepreneur Eli Cain demonstrates how to recycle ammo in a really lucrative way.
A screenshot showing Nike’s new military-inspired  Special Field Air Force 1 sneakers.
Gear & Tech
Nike Unveils Fresh Combat Boot-Inspired Sneakers
Nike’s newest sneaker looks familiar. Really familiar.
Gear & Tech
How The KA-BAR Became The American Warfighter’s Blade Of Choice
There’s a reason every service member and veteran knows what a KA-BAR is.
M4 Sherman Tank on display.
Gear & Tech
Here Are The 5 Most Badass Military Vehicles You Can Buy Right Now
Thanks to the internet and live auctions, you can now buy surplus military vehicles.
A screenshot via YouTube shows the mini cannon, created by Pocket Cannons.
Gear & Tech
You Can Unleash Miniature Hell With This Tiny Pocket Cannon
This tiny cannon brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “playing war.”
Gear & Tech
Army Testing Device That Generates Energy Just By Walking
Think of it as one step closer to making soldiers into cyborgs.
A screenshot from a YouTube video showing the .950 JDJ rifle from SSK Industries being fired.
Gear & Tech
This 950-Caliber Rifle Kicks Like A Beast
There’s rifle recoil, then there’s this.
Gear & Tech
Interactive Map Shows What A Nuclear Bomb Would Do To Your Hometown
NUKEMAP lets you see what a nuclear bomb would do if it was dropped anywhere in the world.
A YouTube screenshot shows the .700 "WTF Rifle"
Gear & Tech
You Can Destroy Just About Anything With This ‘WTF Rifle’
This insane .700-Caliber “WTF rifle” is utterly deserving of its name.
Gear & Tech
The Military Is Using Artificial Intelligence, But It’s Not What You Think
The Pentagon isn't building the Terminator, but it is working to integrate more AI technology into military robots.
A promotional image showing Battle Field 4 gameplay.
Gear & Tech
How The M16 Became An Iconic American Rifle
This seven-minute video is packed full of information on the M16’s origin and narrated by a guy with a swarthy British accent. Enjoy.
Gear & Tech
These Tiny Robots Are Saving Lives In Combat
These robots may look a bit goofy, but they’re saving lives by making sure troops know what’s waiting for them around every corner.
A screenshot from a YouTube video on "The Slingshot Channel" show's the host, Jörg Sprave with his homemade arrow launcher.
Gear & Tech
This Crazy German Guy Made A Gatling Launcher For Arrows Out Of Coke Bottles
This inventor built a six-shot arrow launcher from scratch, and he’s really really happy about it.