7 Weird Guys You Meet In The Military
We all know these guys and have still never figured out how they managed their way into the military.
SEATTLE, Wash. (Oct. 17 )--The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Cowslip (WLB-277 ) creatively show their  "good spirits" by shaving their heads for the oldest buoy tender in the Coast Guard fleetl. The Cowslip is due to be decommissioned in 2002.
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Balding? You Can Thank Your Mom For That
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have linked your balding to genes found on the X chromosome.
Mercedes Carrera is casting veterans for a new adult website.
This Patriotic Porn Star Is Casting Veterans For A New Project
Mercedes Carrera’s latest film will feature an all-veteran cast.
A Taco Bell in Las Vegas is getting a wedding chapel.
Now You Can Have The Taco Bell Wedding Of Your Dreams
And it’ll only cost you $600. Talk about a steal.
Andre The Giant Will Be Memorialized In Upcoming HBO Documentary
The lovable giant will be the focus of a new documentary collaboration between WWE, HBO, and Bill Simmons Media Group.
A YouTube screenshot of a video spoof called "Dog Wick" by Rocket Jump.
In Hilarious ‘John Wick’ Spoof, The Dog Is Back And Looking For Vengeance
This video answers two key questions: What if John Wick died instead of his dog? And what if his dog was actually a highly trained killing machine?
A Rip-It Faucet And 4 Other Things The Military Should Add To Its Budget
Pentagon officials want to increase the defense budget by a cool $30 billion. I’m just a guy who spent several years in the Army, but I know exactly how they should spend it.