We Hosted A Strength Competition Between Recon Marine Rudy Reyes And Some Other Guy
Recon Marine vet Rudy Reyes came by the Task & Purpose office to face one of our own in a rigorous “Man of Steel” competition.
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The 7 Soldiers You Deal With During Morning PT
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Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter was a guest on “Late Night With Seth Meyer” on Oct. 13 and gave the host a unique tour of the Pentagon.
Seth Meyers And Ash Carter Spend A Day Doing ‘Pentagon Stuff’
In a special “Late Night With Seth Meyers” segment, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter revealed what really goes on in the windowless halls of the Pentagon.
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Marine Corps Knowledge
5 (Non-Abusive) Ways Drill Instructors Can Haze Sarah Silverman’s Nephew
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Sarah Silverman
How The Marines Could’ve Responded To Sarah Silverman’s Concerned Tweets About Parris Island
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Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley projects power.
6 Poses Every Soldier Needs To Master In The Army
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A YouTube screenshot shows Matt Carriker, the host of Demolition Ranch, holding a .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum that he intends to fire with no hands.
What Happens When You Fire A 500 Magnum With No Hands?
The .500 Magnum is a beast and kicks like one too, especially if nobody’s holding it.
Pvt. Charlie Lonno crawls through a mud pit with barbed wire overhead as part of an obstacle course on Fort Benning's Sand Hill.
This Is What Happens When You Ask A Combat Veteran ‘How To Survive Basic’
If you have to ask how to survive basic training, you're pretty much screwed anyway.
Big Sarge #1: “Morning Run”
All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership. Big Sarge is not that leadership.