Photo composite: Left photo by Alex Brandon (AP) / Right photo by Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory
Trump’s Inauguration: A Tale Of Two Americas
Two Task & Purpose reporters covered Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. Their experiences couldn’t be more different.
A "Spirit Rider" offers moral support to the group unfolding a giant American flag.  The flag was visible by the entire Oceti Sakowin Camp.
Why They Went: The Inside Story Of The Standing Rock Veterans
In early December, an estimated 4,000 veterans descended on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota and helped put an end to a once seemingly hopeless struggle. But what actually happened on the frozen banks of the Missouri River?
We Had MRE Thanksgiving, And It Was Disgusting
An Army veteran cooks the world’s most disgusting Thanksgiving dinner.
This Is Your Brain On War
Task & Purpose teamed up with former West Point psychology professor and author Lt. Col. Dave Grossman to produce this visual guide to what happens to the mind and body before, during, and after combat.
Screenshot from Facebook video of video subject showing off his military medals.
Is This Stolen Valor?
A controversial video has ignited an urgent debate over what is and what is not stolen valor.
How A Local Energy Drink Became An Icon Of The Iraq War
For many veterans of Iraq, Wild Tiger isn’t just an energy drink. It’s a symbol of channeling your inner beast in war.
Mat Best
Watch Mat Best Hip-Fire A 20mm Cannon
Mat Best, the ornery former Ranger behind Article 15 hip-fired a cannon today. Because, hey, it’s Friday.
Sgt. Michael Poindexter, a Paratrooper assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division (Advise and Assist Brigade), closes in on the finish line of a two-mile run during an Army Physical Fitness Test April 18, 2010.
Health & Fitness
How To Crush Your 2-Mile Run Like An Olympian
Olympic gold medalist Derrick Adkins offers up winning tips for dropping your two-mile run time.
How To Pack The Ultimate Care Package
Because not all care packages are packed with the right kind of care.
11 Top Post-9/11 Generals As Dogs
We used a new app to match America’s top generals with dog breeds. Why? Because someone had to do it.
7 Guys You Meet In Every Infantry Platoon
Here’s Task & Purpose’s illustrated guide to the seven guys you find in every infantry platoon.
A screenshot from Mercedes Carrera's YouTube video announcing a contest for veterans to attended the AVN Awards with her.
Meet America’s Most Patriotic Porn Star
Mercedes Carrera’s father was spit on when he returned home from Vietnam. Now she’s using porn as a platform to advocate for veterans.
Bald Eagles Train To Battle Drone Army
Watch the world’s most majestic bird of prey lay waste to a flying robot.
U.S. Army soldiers awake in their hasty fighting position after a night patrol in the mountains near Sar Howza, Paktika province, Afghanistan, Sept. 4, 2009.
5 Habits We Picked Up Overseas That Are Not Safe For Work
Leave these old routines on the battlefield where they belong.