A screenshot via YouTube of comedian and active-duty soldier Yusha Thomas in a video about morning PT.
The 7 Soldiers You Deal With During Morning PT
A video by online celebrity and entertainer Yusha Thomas perfectly captures the different types of soldiers during morning PT.
Pvt. Charlie Lonno crawls through a mud pit with barbed wire overhead as part of an obstacle course on Fort Benning's Sand Hill.
This Is What Happens When You Ask A Combat Veteran ‘How To Survive Basic’
If you have to ask how to survive basic training, you're pretty much screwed anyway.
This Vet Found The One Way To Improve The Woobie
We all love the woobie, but sometimes you need a bit more class.
A screenshot from a YouTube video by the channel Meanwhile In Russia, shows a soldier negligently discharging two Ak-47s.
10 Great Russian Military Fail Videos
In Soviet Russia, military fail videos watch you. Here’s our list of the 10 greatest.
A screenshot from a Facebook video posted by Terminal Lance on March 8 shows a Marine tricking his peers into standing at attention by playing Taps.
Bandsman Tricks Marines At Barracks Into Standing At Attention
With a trumpet and a plan, this Marine tricks several others into standing at attention by playing Taps.
First Sgt. Brian McKay, from Somersworth, N.H., of C Company, 3rd Battalion, 238th Aviation Regiment, of the New Hampshire National Guard, shares a laugh with Sen. Kelly Ayotte on  May 4, 2014.
When It Comes To Military Humor, Go Easy On The Jargon, Bro
Military life is filled with hilarious moments. Here’s how you can make that translatable to those who never served.
Mat Best
Watch Mat Best Hip-Fire A 20mm Cannon
Mat Best, the ornery former Ranger behind Article 15 hip-fired a cannon today. Because, hey, it’s Friday.
Carrying on the legacy of Audie Murphy
23 Literal Translations Of Military Graphics That Actually Make Sense
These interpretations make way more sense than their intended meanings.
1st. Sgt. Arthur Abiera, Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 33rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, patrols the streets on the outskirts of Sadr City, Iraq.
This Iraq War Vet’s New Novel Is As Tragic And Darkly Funny As It Is Honest
In his new novel, Matt Gallagher weaves a story of war, love, and power with biting wit and brutal honesty.
Cards from FUBAR, a crowdfunded game made by and for veterans and military.
This Hilarious New Card Game By Veterans Is FUBAR
A group of veterans made a military version of Cards Against Humanity funded completely through Kickstarter.
A screenshot from the “Range 15” trailer on YouTube.
The ‘Range 15’ Trailer Is Finally Here And It’s Awesome
The ‘Range 15’ trailer is everything you expect and deserve from a film made by veterans for veterans.
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.
Military Benefits
11 Things You Should Never Do In A Military Town
Life in a military town may leave you broke, itchy, and filled with shame, but you just can’t stay away.
A screenshot from the Youtube channel; Action Figure Therapy.
What It’s Like To Be A Marine, According To An Action Figure
For those of you who have been searching for a video that could capture the absurdity of the Marine Corps, here it is.
Ein undatiertes Handout-Bild des Filmstudios Paramount Pictures zeigt den Schauspieler Tom Cruise in seiner Rolle als Kampfpilot in dem Film "Top Gun". Tom Cruise soll bald fuer eine Fortsetzung des Militaer-Action-Streifens "Top Gun" vor der Kamera stehen. Der Nachfolgefilm des Kinohits von 1986 sei bereits in der Vorproduktion verriet der Chef der Paramount-Studios dem Branchenblatt "The Hollywood Reporter". (zu dapd-Text)
Foto: -/Paramount Pictures/dapd
The 4 Military Stereotypes That War Movies Get Right
There are some military stereotypes that Hollywood seems to be getting right.
Don’t Die In The Zombie Apocalypse. Follow These 9 Steps.
When the zombie apocalypse inevitably happens, will you be ready?