5 Exceptional Companies With Jobs For Vets Who Want To Work In Security

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If you served in the military but are not quite sure how your skills will translate to the civilian world, focus on the discipline, problem-solving and leadership skills that you learned from the start of your time in service. Veterans with a background in combat arms, infantry, or security will find that their leadership skills, attention to detail, and discipline could land them a lucrative job in high-end security, crew leadership, landscaping, and other specialized fields.

Here are five exceptional Hirepurpose partner companies that are looking for security specialists, military policemen, customer service representatives, landscapers, crew leaders, administrative specialists, business managers, information technology experts and infantrymen today.

Security roles with Gavin de Becker

Those veterans who served as military policemen, special operatives, intelligence officers, or in related security positions should explore a career with Gavin de Becker & Associates, a high-end security company that provides services to at-risk public figures in the United States and abroad. Gavin de Becker employees are experts in the security field, offering lectures and seminars about physical security techniques and related topics. Positions range from entry to senior level. Jobs like security agent require a high school diploma and the ability to pass a physical fitness test while other positions in cybersecurity, information technology, and accounting require a degree and experience in the corresponding field.

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Full, part time, flexible and contract roles in many specialty areas with Robert Half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half is the world’s oldest specialized staffing firm, working to match individuals with positions in organizations operating in all industries, from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Its history of supporting veterans and their families is second to none. Current job openings with Robert Half range from temporary to full time and the company also specializes in placing veteran job seekers in contract and flexible roles. Military vets of all backgrounds and ranks will be able to find something to match their skills experience and education level as hot jobs include specialties like inventory management, information technology, business or financial management, customer service, and sales engineering. Robert Half also offers a great deal in the way of employee training and development, making it an ideal choice for veterans leaving their uniforms behind.

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Customer service, administration, warehousing roles with Staffmark

Staffmark, a leader in the staffing industry, is looking for veterans and their family members to fill positions in a variety of locations and industries across the country. Staffmark is known for its robust military recruiting program and has been awarded the prestigious Best in Staffing award for three years in a row. Its recruiting process helps match candidates to exceptional companies that best fit their backgrounds and experience. Current opportunities include positions in customer service, administration, electronics, information technology, warehousing, and more. Most base jobs require a high school diploma, computer skills and one year of experience, while other more technical jobs in electronics and business management require specialty training or a degree plus experience. Bilingual candidates will have an edge when applying.

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Security roles with AlliedBarton Security Services

AlliedBarton Security Services, a security company with over 60,000 employees and 120 offices, serves thousands of clients with varying levels of protection. Recruiting former service members with security clearances and expertise is an important part of the company’s ability to provide the high level of security services that their customers expect. Military investigators, policemen, intelligence officers, and more will be right at home on the AlliedBarton team as armed and unarmed security officers, vehicle patrolmen, and security specialists. Full, part, and flexible time jobs are available for candidates with a professional appearance, friendly demeanor and the ability to maintain safety in high-stress situations.

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Crew lead and supervisor positions with BrightView Landscaping

Transitioning veterans and family members who prefer to work outside in the landscaping industry should take a look at the positions that BrightView Landscaping has open right now. With over 22,000 employees, BrightView is the largest landscaping maintenance firm in the country and is a proud recruiter of those who have served. Landscaping crew leaders, crew members, and gardeners are needed in great locations from Florida to California and many places in between. If you know how to lead teams, are physically fit, understand safety, and have a willingness to learn, then BrightView is the perfect place to find your next great career. It offers comprehensive training, advancement opportunity, competitive salaries, paid time off, and an inspiring environment.

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Editor's note: This article by Gina Harkins originally appeared on Military.com, a leading source of news for the military and veteran community.

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