5 Job Opportunities With One Of The Most Vet-Friendly Companies In America

Photo courtesy of Waste Management

Editor’s Note: The following article highlights job listings from Hirepurpose clients that are committed to filling its ranks with talented members of the military community. Learn more here.

As a transitioning service member or veteran, you are no stranger to public service. Separating from the military means that you may be seeking a civilian role that will provide a new sense of purpose after you leave your uniform behind.

This week, we are highlighting a set of opportunities that are available within the essential industry of environmental preservation. Waste Management, a Hirepurpose partner company and leading provider of integrated environmental solutions in North America, operates in over 1,000 locations. One in twelve of their employees are veterans or reserve service members and their commitment to the military community has been recognized by numerous organizations.

Named one of the top 50 “Best for Vets Employer” by the Military Times, a top 100 “Military-Friendly Employer” by G.I. Jobs, and the “Most Valuable Employer – Military” by CivilianJobs.com, Waste Management has demonstrated a real commitment to empowering veterans through great careers after the military.

Here are five exceptional Waste Management jobs that are accepting applications right now.

1. Community relations specialist in Oakland, California

Outgoing veterans who spent their military careers focusing on public relations and visual communications will definitely want to consider this community relations position. This amazing opportunity, located in sunny Oakland, California, requires a person with impeccable creative writing, design, layout and media outreach skills. The ideal candidate will be able to work across teams, interact with both internal and external forces, have well-developed design/page layout skills and be able to consistently execute comprehensive communications plans. Those who served in military occupational specialties like mass communications specialist, combat correspondent, public relations specialist, or public affairs officer would be a good fit for this role.

2. Vendor relations manager in Phoenix, Arizona

This exciting job in the field of vendor relations is perfect for individuals who were tasked with contract, purchasing or administrative functions while in the service. If you spent time researching vendors, purchasing supplies, strategizing about how to increase effectiveness while reducing costs, and accepting requests for proposals, you will feel right at home here! Competitive candidates will possess such qualities as developed interpersonal skills, financial aptitude, and the ability to negotiate. Former military members who served as contract specialists, yeomen, unit supply specialists, acquisition managers, operations resource managers, or administrative specialists can utilize their experience here.

3. Operations Management Trainee – Transportation & Logistics in Lombard, Illinois

If you are a transitioning service member with management experience who is looking for upward mobility, this operations management trainee position may be just what you are looking for. Waste Management’s operations management training program is designed to develop individuals with a high aptitude for leadership into frontline managers. Former junior and noncommissioned officers will have the opportunity to use their analytical skills, thirst for knowledge, motivational prowess, and strategic thinking in this fast-paced, team environment.

4. Heavy-duty truck technician/mechanic in Gulfport, Mississippi // San Antonio, Texas // Sumter, South Carolina // Campbellton, Florida

Military veterans who have the technical expertise to perform maintenance on trucks and construction devices should definitely take a look at this job that features a handsome sign-on bonus. As a heavy-duty truck technician with Waste Management, you will have the opportunity to use your existing mechanical skills while also receiving comprehensive training. Familiarity with vehicle electrical, hydraulic, suspension, brake and air systems is needed for the position. This role a good match for detailed-oriented individuals who worked in military occupational specialties such as vehicular maintenance specialist, light or heavy wheel vehicle mechanic, wheel vehicle repairer, automotive maintenance technician, construction equipment repairer, or mechanical maintenance supervisor.

5. Fleet maintenance supervisor in Parkersburg, West Virginia // Gaithersburg, Maryland //  Richmond, Virginia

This fleet maintenance opportunity with Waste Management is ideal for veterans, particularly those with extensive experience in vehicle maintenance management. The job requires someone with the ability to lead, monitor, and supervise while also being able to perform hands-on maintenance when required. Service members who were trained as light and heavy wheel vehicle mechanics, vehicular maintenance specialists, wheel vehicle repairers, motor transport operators, automotive maintenance technicians and mechanical maintenance supervisors will definitely want to check this one out.

To see all available jobs with Waste Management, visit our website.

An aerial view of the Pentagon building in Washington, June 15, 2005. U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld defended the Guantanamo prison against critics who want it closed by saying U.S. taxpayers have a big financial stake in it and no other facility could replace it at a Pentagon briefing on Tuesday. (Reuters/Jason Reed JIR/CN)

Senior defense officials offered a wide range of excuses to reporters on Wednesday about why they may not comply with a subpoena from House Democrats for documents related to the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

On Oct. 7, lawmakers subpoenaed information about military aid to Ukraine. Eight days later, a Pentagon official told them to pound sand in part because many of the documents requested are communications with the White House that are protected by executive privilege.

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Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA) will announce legislation Wednesday aiming to "fix" a new Trump administration citizenship policy that affects some children of U.S. service members stationed abroad.

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The video opens innocently enough. A bell sounds as we gaze onto a U.S. Navy frigate, safely docked at port at Naval Base San Diego. A cadre of sailors, dressed in "crackerjack" style enlisted dress uniforms and hauling duffel bags over their shoulders, stride up a gangplank aboard the vessel. The officer on deck greets them with a blast of a boatswain's call. It could be the opening scene of a recruitment video for the greatest naval force on the planet.

Then the rhythmic clapping begins.

This is no recruitment video. It's 'In The Navy,' the legendary 1979 hit from disco queens The Village People, shot aboard the very real Knox-class USS Reasoner (FF-1063) frigate. And one of those five Navy sailors who strode up that gangplank during filming was Ronald Beck, at the time a legal yeoman and witness to one of the strangest collisions between the U.S. military and pop culture of the 20th century.

"They picked the ship and they picked us, I don't know why," Beck, who left the Navy in 1982, told Task & Purpose in a phone interview from his Texas home in October. "I was just lucky to be one of 'em picked."

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday casually brushed aside the disturbing news that, holy shit, MORE THAN 100 ISIS FIGHTERS HAVE ESCAPED FROM JAIL.

In an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Esper essentially turned this fact into a positive, no doubt impressing public relations and political talking heads everywhere with some truly masterful spin.

"Of the 11,000 or so detainees that were imprisoned in northeast Syria, we've only had reports that a little more than a hundred have escaped," Esper said, adding that the Syrian Democratic Forces were continuing to guard prisons, and the Pentagon had not "seen this big prison break that we all expected."

Well, I feel better. How about you?

On Wednesday, the top U.S. envoy in charge of the global coalition to defeat ISIS said much the same, while adding another cherry on top: The United States has no idea where those 100+ fighters went.

"We do not know where they are," James Jeffrey told members of Congress of the 100+ escaped detainees. ISIS has about 18,000 "members" left in Iraq and Syria, according to recent Pentagon estimates.

A senior administration official told reporters on Wednesday the White House's understanding is that the SDF continues to keep the "vast majority" of ISIS fighters under "lock and key."

"It's obviously a fluid situation on the ground that we're monitoring closely," the official said, adding that released fighters will be "hunted down and recaptured." The official said it was Turkey's responsibility to do so.

President Trump expressed optimism on Wednesday about what was happening on the ground in northeast Syria, when he announced that a ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds was expected to be made permanent.

"Turkey, Syria, and all forms of the Kurds have been fighting for centuries," Trump said. "We have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them — and now we're getting out."

The president boasted that the U.S.-brokered ceasefire had saved the lives of tens of thousands of Kurds "without spilling one drop of American blood."

Trump said that "small number of U.S. troops" would remain in Syria to protect oilfields.

Kade Kurita (U.S. Army photo(

Kade Kurita, the 20-year-old West Point cadet who had been missing since Friday evening, was found dead on Tuesday night, the U.S. Military Academy announced early Wednesday morning.

"We are grieving this loss and our thoughts and prayers go out to Cadet Kurita's family and friends," Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, superintendent of West Point, said in the release.

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