5 Things You Need To Know About The Security Industry

U.S. Army photo

People who work in the field of security make sure that government, infrastructure, and information is safe by watching over property and people. Does that sound familiar?

If you’re a service member or a veteran, this may have been your mission in the field: To provide security. If you’re considering a job in the security industry, here’s everything you need to know.

It’s a growing industry.

A 2012 industry study found that the security field is worth $350 billion. The private and public sectors alike are finding their assets at risk in an increasingly uncertain world. Technology is advancing faster than security has been able to identify vulnerabilities, and it has made the demand for specialists highly desirable. The American Society for Industrial Security found that cybersecurity, crime, mobile technology, natural disasters, and globalization were the biggest security risks anticipated in the next five years.

Security needs are growing as technology advances.

With the growth of the internet, the need for security in the area of surveillance has increased.  There are a number of emerging concerns, like cyber threats, that need to be addressed in order to remain efficient and secure. The assets that governments and companies need protected are no longer just physical objects. Keeping knowledge and information safe is more important than ever.

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Security degree programs are on the rise.

Whether it’s cyber, criminal justice, or information technology, the degree programs associated with security are on the rise. Colleges that offer degrees in this field know the impact of industry training. And these programs, upon completion of degree requirements, will help get the attention of employers.

The security industry requires particular skills.

Among security companies, decision-making, oral communication, critical thinking, maximizing others’ performance, and persuasive influencing are the competencies that will be required for tomorrow’s security professionals. The American Society for Industrial Security found that there are 22 areas that security industry professionals need in order to be successful, but the lack of cohesion across various industry sectors and standards at educational institutions will be the biggest challenge for private and public sector stakeholders.

There are a variety of jobs in the industry.

The American Society for Industrial Security did a study that reveals that jobs in the security industry are extremely diverse. Companies across the world need security specialists to deal with computer and network security, liability insurance, access control, workplace violence, parking lot and garage security, terrorism, and violent crime. The group also found that “private detective/investigator is one of the fastest growing occupations, with anticipated growth of 21 percent projected through 2020,” and several IT positions are anticipated to grow 22 percent through 2020. What’s more,  SecurityDegreeHub.com created a helpful list of the 30 most powerful security companies — these companies do security domestically and internationally, across all different areas.

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