50 Women Stage Unconventional Pro-Gun Demonstration In DC

On July 8, 50 American women — one from each state — rallied on Capitol Hill in support of 2nd Amendment rights.

The women, members of “The D.C. Project,” hoped to challenge gun control rhetoric — and the stereotypes typically associated with those who are pro-gun — by sharing personal stories about responsible gun ownership.

Their presence comes amid a national conversation about gun control, one with renewed vigor in the wake of high-profile attacks at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and against police officers in Dallas, Texas.

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In a video published by RatedRed, a member of The D.C Project named Megan suggested seeking out a responsible gun owner that you know, trust, and are comfortable with to take you to the range.

“That way you’re with someone that you’re comfortable with, you’re in an environment that can be controlled, and you can make up your own mind,” she says.

Another D.C. Project member named Kristi, an attorney from Indianapolis, said that owning a gun saved her life, and prevented “unspeakable tragedies” from happening to her.

“I’m able to continue to share my story because I had a weapon,” Kristi told RatedRed.

Audience members cheered the gun-toting women on, holding up signs that read, “I carry a gun because a police officer is too heavy!” and “Prepared Not Scared!”

“My life is worth it. I am worth defending,” another D.C. Project member tells the audience.

Watch the video by RatedRed below.

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