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Task & Purpose launched in 2014 to provide authentic and unfiltered perspectives on military and veterans issues in the post-9/11 era.

National security touches on just about every aspect of American society, but too often, those who are most responsible for that security get stereotyped, ignored, or misrepresented by the media. We aim to give voice to the service members, veterans, and military families who know better than anyone else the impact the Global War on Terror has made on our country. We fulfill that mission through unapologetic investigative reporting, story-telling, and analysis of cultural issues and current affairs.

Task & Purpose's team of veterans, military family members, and journalists who have covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan can tell the stories of the military and veterans communities — not just because we’re paying attention, but because our personal and professional experiences with conflict compel us.

Task & Purpose is a Grid North Company, a technology company empowering the next great generation of American veterans. Incorporating three brands — Hirepurpose, Task & Purpose, and MilSpouseFest — Grid North offers unique solutions to challenges faced by service members, spouses, and military family members.

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Task & Purpose contributors represent the remarkable diversity of the military and veterans communities and lend their voice to a variety of issues.

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