Tell The Army To Reinstate Green Beret Who Stood Up To Child Sexual Abuse In Afghanistan

In 2011, Army Sgt. Charles Martland, a decorated Green Beret deployed to Afghanistan, beat up a local Afghan police commander who Martland learned was sexual assaulting local Afghan boys. While American troops were working there with the Afghan police in efforts against the Taliban, they were advised to not intervene with Afghan cultural customs. This also meant turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of young Afghan boys brought onto the American bases.

Martland decided he could not stand by and allow an Afghan police commander to keep one of those young boys as a sex slave. Martland, with fellow Green Beret Capt. Dan Quinn confronted the man, beating him up and removing him from the base.

Martland, however, was punished by the Army for this act of conscience. The incident marked Martland for involuntary separation with the Army, and after delays, the Army is set to make a decision on May 1.

Support Sgt. Charles Martland as an effective and experienced soldier who should continue to serve the United States. Tell the Army and the Pentagon to reinstate Sgt. Charles Martland for speaking up in the face of rape and child abuse.

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