An Inside Look At The Islamic State’s Powerful Arsenal

AP photo via Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group

For a force with no factories or arms facilities of its own, the sheer volume of military equipment in the Islamic State’s possession is staggering, because it all had to be captured or stolen, according to Fox News. Even though the U.S. Central Command announced in January that airstrikes against the Islamic State destroyed 184 Humvees, 58 tanks, and 700 other vehicles, these losses don’t scratch the surface of the militant group's arsenal.

For example, last year Islamic State militants captured 2,300 Humvees from Iraqi security forces when the militant group took the city of Mosul. In May, the extremist group captured U.S.-built equipment, which included M1A1 tanks when militants took the town of Ramadi.

"Rocket-fired grenades and shoulder-launched missiles have long been available in black markets in the Middle East and Africa, but this higher-end stuff is coming from other sources," Seth Jones, director of international security and defense policy center at the RAND Corp. told "This really shows that conventional weapons are a reason for concern."

Jilmar Ramos-Gomez was a lance corporal in the Marines and received awards for service in Afghanistan. (Michigan ACLU)

KENT COUNTY, MI – The ACLU is demanding an investigation after a Grand Rapids-born U.S Marine combat veteran was held for possible deportation.

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Ronald Reagan's dream of space-based lasers shielding the United States from ICBMs will not come to fruition in the near future, despite the Trump administration's focus on space.

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The Coast Guard is officially shit outta luck for a paycheck thanks to the government shutdown, which means that zero coasties have been paid to create some of the amazing memes being shared as a way to vent their frustration.

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Vice President Mike Pence repeated President Donald Trump's claim that "ISIS has been defeated" in Syria on Wednesday just hours after several U.S. service members were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber in Manbij, Syria.

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