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Aaron Gell is Task & Purpose's features editor and an instructor of journalism with NYU's Prison Education Program. He has written for the New Yorker, the New York Times and numerous other publications. ​PGP: 4C29 2DE4 42C1 E002 A609 B007 F2F4 8ACB 2B1A E9A8

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putincon vladimir putin russia
Putin’s Biggest Enemies Threw A Powwow Just To ‘Piss Him Off.’ Here’s What They Said
A former senior defense official admits Putin played the Obama administration
U.S. troops conduct a training exercise in 2003.
CIA Agents Were On The Ground Before We Invaded Iraq, And They Knew It Was Going To Be A Clusterf*@k
Months before war was declared, a covert team of CIA paramilitaries and Green Berets slipped unnoticed into northern Iraq. They surveyed the battlespace, struck a deal with the enemy — and foresaw the disaster to come.
The Tea Party’s Favorite Painter Is Going Wobbly On Trump
Artist Jon McNaughton, whose work has defined the political moment, is having misgivings about the new chief executive.
Meet The Man Behind One Of Instagram’s Finest Gun Feeds
Task & Purpose’s resident firearms skeptic meets a longtime collector and embraces the way of the gun.
President Bush painting. Photo by Grant Miller
George W Bush Opens Up About Veterans, Iraq, And The Healing Power of Art
As the former commander-in-chief unveiled his new series of artwork, a tribute to America’s veterans, he sat down with Task & Purpose to talk about his remarkable transformation from president to painter.
at the clubhouse of Trump International Golf Club, in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Gen. Donald Trump holds meetings at the Trump International Golf Club, Bedminster Township, New Jersey, USA - 19 Nov 2016 Mattis is rumored to be a strong candidate for Secretary of Defense in the incoming Trump Administration.
Happy Mattis Day: The Plan To Defeat ISIS Is Due Today
Trump gave Mattis 30 days to build a plan to defeat ISIS. Today is the day it should get delivered.