Amanda Burrill

Amanda, a biracial New Englander, served as a military officer for eight years after attending Boston University. She's a Le Cordon Bleu educated chef and attended the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Additionally, she obtained a wine degree in Paris and races marathons and Ironman triathlons for Endure to Cure, a pediatric cancer non-profit she sits on the board of. She also participates in fitness competitions, is one of Travel Channel's on-air hosts, and writes for various outlets about lifestyle, food, fitness, and military affairs.

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Health & Fitness
The 12 Best Foods For A Runner’s Diet
Navy veteran, runner, and chef Amanda Burrill nails down the best foods for running enthusiasts or those who just need to get through PT.
KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- A participant in the 2011 Afghan Games power snatches the weighted bar at the Boardwalk Sept. 10, 2011. During the second workout of the day, participants had to perform 50 burpees and as many power snatches as they could in a 10-minute period. Afghan Games is an annual Kandahar CrossFit event held to test the physical fitness levels of participants. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman David Carbajal)
5 Technologies That Will Take Your Health And Fitness Routine To The Next Level
Navy veteran turned athlete Amanda Burrill spends a large part of her time testing out what’s new in fitness tech. Here's some of her favorites.
Capt. Judy R. Griep, a space operations officer with U.S. Army Central, competes in an international CrossFit competition, Oct. 26, 2013 in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
7 Myths That Make Everyone Hate On CrossFit
Crossfitter and Navy veteran Amanda Burrill writes on her experiences with CrossFit and the misconceptions behind the trend.
Fourth-year military medical students at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences participate in a module on integrated medicine also known as alternative medicine, Dec. 7, 2012.
Health & Fitness
5 Easy Techniques For Managing Your Anxiety
Navy vet Amanda Burrill offers five ways to alleviate feelings of anxiety and panic that can come out of nowhere.
Staying hydrated during UFG13
Health & Fitness
A Vet’s Advice On Dehydration And How to Avoid It
Amanda Burrill shares her smart tips for knowing when you need to up your liquid intake to avoid dehydration.
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) conduct push-ups during a physical readiness test, April 30, 2013.
Health & Fitness
No Time For The Gym? Burn Extra Calories Around The Clock With These 5 Metabolism Tips
Fitness guru Amanda Burrill shares five easy fixes to boost your metabolism when you don’t have time to hit the gym.
Health & Fitness
Here’s How To Eat Healthy While You Travel
Staying healthy on the road can be challenging; follow these eight simple tips from Amanda Burrill on your next trip.