Derek Coy

Derek is a former Marine sergeant who served in Iraq from 2005-2006. He earned a master's degree in Middle Eastern history from the City College of New York and lives in the Bronx.

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Veterans Day Isn’t About Discounts And Free Stuff
Too many businesses make Veterans Day about discount shopping and forget about the people the day is meant to honor.
Screenshot from "Thank You For Your Service" trailer.
This Film Shows How The Government Fails Vets On Mental Health
"Thank You For Your Service" is an important documentary for anyone wanting to understand the impact of mental health problems on our veterans.
Marines kneel down beside the battlefield cross to pay their final respects to Sgt. Bradley Atwell during a memorial ceremony, Sept. 20, 2012.
We’re Still Fighting In Afghanistan And No One Cares
Oct. 7 marks the anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan. It’s still going, but no one is paying attention anymore.
On Thursday, October 9, 2014, VA Secretary Bob McDonald held a Town Hall employee meeting at VA Central Office in Washington, D.C.
Veterans Benefits
A Board Of Directors For The VA Will Only Make Things Worse
The Commission on Care had some good ideas. This wasn’t one of them.
Moral Injury Q and A
Veterans Benefits
Why Is The VA Appeals Process Broken?
There’s good news and bad news for veterans, according to a new report analyzing the VA’s appeals system.
U.S. Marine Cpl. Spencer Knudson, vehicle commander with the Combined Anti-Armor Team, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, scouts for various avenues of approach and egress points on Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, Oct. 23, 2015.
We Already Have Boots On The Ground In Iraq
51 years after Vietnam, we’re still pretending advisors in conflict zones don’t equate to boots on the ground.
Mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey works out at Glendale Fighting Club, Wednesday, July 15, 2015.
Health & Fitness
Thank You, Ronda Rousey, For Speaking Up About Suicide
Ronda Rousey’s recent admission that she considered suicide after losing to Holly Holm reminds us that mental health issues affect even the toughest fighters.