Elana Duffy

Elana Duffy is an Army combat veteran with nearly a decade of service. She is a founding partner in a communications and content creation firm, Present Tense, and is the CEO of www.pathfinder.vet, a ratings and reviews platform for veteran resources.

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A member of the Marine Special Operations Command fires a Carl Gustav Recoilless rifle system on a range during training in Washer district, Helmand province, Afghanistan, May 16, 2013.
DoD Canceled Brain Injury Research Because It Didn’t Like The Results
An Army vet explains why DoD’s decision to shelve a program that placed blast gauges on combat troops in Afghanistan is a big mistake.
Sgt. Lauren Aldaco, 217th Military Police Detachment, sits and answers questions in front of the Soldier of the Year Board at the Best Warrior Competition on Fort Lee, Va., September 28, 2009. The board is an evaluation of the soldier's knowledge and composure under pressure.
It’s Not Just Your Imagination: It Really Is Harder For Women To Get Promoted
The data tell a clear story — “all other things being equal,” doesn’t really happen when it comes to promotion.
Military Benefits
Why I Won’t Give Concerned Veterans For America ‘My VA Story’
Data collection and analysis, not cherry-picked anecdotes of veteran outrage, will help fix the VA.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a Purple Heart medal given to him by a supporter during a campaign rally at Briar Woods High School, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016, in Ashburn, Virginia.
What We Lose When We Give Away Purple Hearts
For thousands of service members, we didn’t “get” the Purple Heart, we each traded something for it.
How To Answer That Awful Question, ‘Do You Have PTSD?’
Vets are often asked this question inappropriately, but there’s a smart way to answer that can change the stereotype.
2564632636_30321a1ae4_b (1)
Enough With The Outrage, It’s Time For Action
As vets, we don’t need to storm the Hill; we need to storm the country and come up with our own solutions.
An Army Interrogator’s Tips For Picking Someone Up At A Bar
A former Army interrogator offers tactical advice that can be used in any bar.
Elana Duffy presents her business at the demo day of NYU's Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) Program, Aug. 13, 2015.
This Entrepreneurship Program Taught Me The Skills To Build A Better Future
After a 10-week entrepreneurship program, this Army veteran is now launching her own business dedicated to helping other vets.
Participants in the Team Red, White and Blue-Tucson’s Boston Marathon Attack Response Run celebrate during the last leg of the three-mile run in Tucson, Ariz., Apri 17, 2013.
Health & Fitness
Here Are 5 Reasons To Exercise Even If You Don’t Want To
I got forced into a triathlon this month, but I’m slowly coming around to appreciating it.