Jeremy Warneke

Jeremy Warneke is a public servant in the Bronx, New York. He enlisted in the Army National Guard prior to 9/11. Following his discharge from active duty, he completed his undergraduate coursework at Sarah Lawrence College. With the support of the Bronx Council on the Arts, the New York Public Library, Voices From War...and his family, he created his own writing workshop, “The Craft of War Writing,” which is an attempt to give to his local community what other communities already have.

Recent articles from Jeremy Warneke

The remnants of Spc. Garriga’s vehicle, which was affectionately called “Irene,” outside of Convoy Support Center Scania’s southern checkpoint along Main Supply Route Tampa, Iraq.
The Tragic Truth Of Accidental Deaths In Combat Zones
There have been efforts to reduce non-hostile deaths in the U.S. military, but have those efforts really paid off?