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Liesl Bradner is a Los Angeles-based journalist. The Pennsylvania native graduated from Florida State University and studied English literature at the University of Cambridge. She's currently a regular contributing writer for the Los Angeles Times and Truthdig covering art, books, entertainment and history.

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Screenshot from J.T. Ibanez's short documentary, ""A Veteran and his Camera."
Health & Fitness
This Vet Overcame His PTSD By Hiking 12 US National Parks
This vet got out of his comfort zone by embarking on a 25-day, 7,200-mile adventure from coast to coast.
This 1942 file photo shows Col. William O. Darby, founder of the American Rangers, in Britain.
This Army Ranger Legend Will Live Forever In His Hometown
Col. Darby, the original commander of the Army Rangers, will never be forgotten thanks to this bronze statue unveiled in his hometown.
14 of the USS Indianapolis survivors attend the 70th anniversary commemoration and reunion held July 23-26 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Front (L-R): Art Leenerman, Mel Jacob, Robert Witzig, Cletus Lebow, Vic Buckett, Dick Thelen, Lyle Umenhoffer, Don McCall.
Back: Richard Stephens, Jim Jarvis, John Woolston, Louis Erwin, Harold Bray, Ed Harrell.
The Incredible Story Of The Men Who Survived A Torpedo Attack, Sinking Ship, Sharks, And 5 Days Lost At Sea
70 years ago, the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed in the south Pacific, and those who survived were left to defend themselves in the murky waters.