Mabel B. Annunziata

Captain Mabel Annunziata was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and was raised in Miami, Florida. She enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2001, graduated from the University of Arizona, and was commissioned in 2007. Her MOS is 0102 (Adjutant/Manpower). As an officer, she has served at Combat Logistics Regiment 27 and 2nd Marine Logistics Group (FWD), 2nd Marine Logistics Group, The Basic School, Marine Corps Base Quantico, and is now a student at Expeditionary Warfare School.

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The Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved the Marine Corps Uniform Board's recommendation to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines. Further fielding information, to include phase in and phase out plans for the current female service dress cap, will be provided via a standard Marine Administrative Message (MARADMIN).
Why Changing The Female Marine Corps Uniform Is A Mistake
The Marine Corps is considering the adoption of a new dress blue coat for women that closely resembles the coat worn by men. Here's why it's a bad idea.