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Iranians hit one of their own warships with a missile, killing 19 sailors
Iran blames US for delay in prisoner exchange that could include Navy veteran Michael White
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief threatens to destroy US warships in the Persian Gulf in response to Trump’s warning
Iranian lawmaker offers $3 million reward to anyone who can kill President Trump
Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei tries to focus public anger back at US amidst backlash from airliner shootdown
Protesters demand Iran’s leaders quit after military admits it hit plane
Iran further breaches nuclear deal, says it can exceed 20% enrichment
Iran warns UK against escalating tensions and ​says crew of seized ship safe
Iran claims it successfully seized a foreign oil tanker in the Gulf
Trump threatens ‘obliteration’ against Iran as Tehran blast new sanctions
Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif, architect of nuclear deal, abruptly resigns