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The Senate denied this divisive nominee a role at the Pentagon. Trump put him in a new job anyway
CENTCOM chief ‘not convinced’ that Russian bounties led to US troop deaths in Afghanistan
Top Pentagon official resigns as critics accuse Trump of seeking ‘loyalists’
John Bolton: Trump asked China to help him win in 2020 and offered ‘favors to dictators’
Trump wanted to deploy 10,000 troops in Washington D.C., official says
Military deploys first coronavirus test kits, though capacity is limited
SecDef Esper says he’s trying to ‘right-size’ military forces to counter China
Trump cites plot to ‘blow up’ US embassy as element in decision to kill Soleimani
SecDef Esper: US troop drawdowns in Afghanistan are ‘not necessarily’ tied to a deal with the Taliban
China to US: ‘stop flexing muscles’ in the South China Sea
Esper: Military justice system ready to hold troops accountable following Trump pardons
US and South Korea postpone upcoming military drills to bolster North Korea peace effort
Esper says he’s ‘open’ to spiking military exercises in South Korea
Lt. Col. Vindman should not fear retaliation over Ukraine testimony, Esper says
Microsoft beats Amazon for Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract
CENTCOM chief says the US will ramp up operations against the Taliban as Afghan peace talks collapse
Trump says he canceled secret peace talks with the Taliban due to recent attacks
The US is pushing for a new military coalition to safeguard the waters off of Iran and Yemen
US-backed forces capture ISIS fighters tied to deadly Syria suicide bombing that killed 4 Americans
The US-backed Syrian force fighting ISIS asked for at least 1,000 Americans to stay
CENTCOM commander Gen. Votel recommends arming, aiding Syrian fighters after pullout
Withdrawal of US forces in Syria likely to start in ‘weeks,’ CENTCOM commander says