Travis Pike


Travis Pike is a former infantry Marine and current proud member of the 2nd Civ Div. He’s been writing for Task & Purpose for the better part of a year. He covers guns, holsters, knives, and other fun gear. 


Travis developed a gun and gear interest at a very early age due to the exposure to classics like Terminator 2, Predator, and Aliens. That ended with him joining the United States Marine Corps and eventually service at the Camp Lejeune School for Wayward Boys. While serving in the Marien Corps as a machine gunner he developed a passion for writing while forced to write about the history of machine guns after a ’disagreement’ with his platoon sergeant. He began doing gear reviews while still on active duty and carried on after departing the service. It’s been over ten years since he began writing, and he’s written for The Truth About Guns, Pew Pew Tactical, Recoil, The Mag Life, and many more.

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