Zack Bazzi

Zack Bazzi, a proud Bostonian, served on active duty and in the Army National Guard for ten years, including overseas peacekeeping and combat tours. He manages TentEd, a project he co-founded with two other veterans to support the education of refugee children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Zack loves backpacking and has visited more than 40 countries. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Emergency Management at Georgetown University.

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Distinguished guests, service members and media from around the world came to see one of the last few convoys of service members cross over the border into Kuwait from Iraq on Dec. 18. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, "GREYWOLF," 1st Cavalry Division was the last unit out of Iraq.
It’s Time For The US To Stop Trying To Fix Iraq
The proposition that more aggressive military action in Iraq will alter the trajectory of the situation is baffling given how often in the recent past we treaded down this path.