The Russian Military Backed Down In Syria After The US Marine Corps Called Their Bluff

marine corps syria russian military at tanf
The Russians appear to have backed off their earlier threats after the U.S. Marine Corps sent them a clear message. The Pentagon, U.S. Central Command, and Operation Inherent Resolve have all confirmed that Russia has stayed out of the deconfliction zone, and is no longer insisting on conducting operations or launching precision strikes in the … Read More

Mattis On Leaving The Pentagon: ‘I’m Thinking About Retiring Right Here’

mattis trump
With his typical swagger, Defense Secretary James Mattis has swatted down speculation that his time at the Pentagon is nearing its end. Mattis faced a barrage of questions from reporters on Tuesday about a slew of recent media reports that he is on the way out.  “Those have been pretty good ones, haven’t they?” he … Read More

The Army Is Eyeing A Strategic Cannon With The Range Of A Tomahawk Cruise Missile

army cannon tomahawk cruise missile
Brace yourselves: the Army is exploring the rapid development of a long-range strategic cannon that can reach out and slap a target at a range of up to 1,000 nautical miles, per, a range comparable to Pentagon’s existing arsenal of Tomahawk cruise missiles. Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Readiness on Sept. … Read More

Marines, Coast Guard Rescue Dozens Of Civilians From Hurricane Florence Devastation

marines coast guard hurricane florence
In the course of a few days, Hurricane Florence left at least 14 dead and nearly a million homes and businesses without power in North and South Carolina — and with the storm system moving north, the Department of Defense has swung into action to rescue civilians left stranded by rising floodwaters. The Pentagon has currently … Read More

Coast Guard Member Removed After Allegedly Flashing White Power Gesture On National TV

coast guard white power gesture
The U.S. Coast Guard removed a service member from its Hurrican Florence emergency response force after a Coastie was spotted allegedly flashing a white supremacist hand gesture on national television. In a Friday segment from MSNBC, a service member sitting in the background of an interview with a Coast Guard official was spotted conspicuously flashing an … Read More

Marines Are Training For War In Syria Because Twentynine Palms Doesn’t Suck Enough

marine corps syria rebels training
The Marines recently completed a live-fire exercise in Syria – the one place more hostile to human life than Twentynine-Palms – during which they trained with Syrian rebels backed by the U.S. government, according to U.S. Central Command. Operation Apex Tuefelhunden was conducted from Sept. 7-11 near the At Tanf garrison in eastern Syria, according … Read More

Russian Warships Are Probably Lurking Near Syria In Case Putin Orders Cruise Missile Strikes

Russian navy syria missile strikes
Unless the Russian navy is hunting for the Red October in the eastern Mediterranean, it is likely that so many Russian ships have remained there since the end of Moscow’s latest naval exercise there primarily to support Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Pentagon officials said. More than a dozen Russian ships have massed close to Syria, … Read More

Parris Island Marines Will Now Stay Put In The Face Of Hurricane Florence

marine corps recruit depot parris island hurricane florence
The Marines will follow the lead of South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who on Tuesday rescinded a mandatory evacuation order previously issued for Beaufort County ahead of Hurricane Florence. Accordingly, staff and trainees at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island will remain at the base instead of evacuating to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany (Ga.) … Read More