Here’s Why The Ejection Seat Failed During That Fiery B-1B Lancer Emergency Landing

B-1B Lancer bomber emergency landing texas ejection seat
A “crimped” part prevented an ejection seat from a stricken B-1B Lancer bomber from firing in May during an in-flight emergency, forcing the aircrew to land the bomber rather than abandon a stranded crew member, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told reporters on Tuesday. “What we’ve learned from the investigation is there … Read More

ISIS Sinks Its Teeth Into The Taliban Amid The Latter’s Bid For Peace Talks

isis taliban peace talks
The Taliban has lost a top commander to an ISIS suicide bomber who attacked a meeting between jihadists and village leaders in northern Afghanistan, local officials told the Associated Press — a setback for peace efforts amid the Taliban’s push for talks with both the Afghan government and the United States military. The Associated Press reports … Read More

VA Medical Centers May Be Hurting The Agency’s Veteran Suicide Prevention Efforts

veteran suicide epidemic
Employee shortages and opioid surpluses are severely hindering the Department of Veterans Affairs from effectively fighting the scourge of veteran suicide, according to a new report from the American Legion. Just after the departure of ex-VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin in mid-February, the VA had more than 33,000 vacancies, according to a spokesman; in June, the … Read More

Marine Vet Turned FDNY Legend Who Lost Two Sons On 9/11 Gets The Sendoff He Deserves

FDNY Capt. John Vigiano
Legendary FDNY Capt. John Vigiano, during a life of faith and service, earned a spot in the hereafter with his sons and the saints. The 79-year-old Vigiano was praised Saturday as a man of devotion to the FDNY and the gospel at a jam-packed Long Island funeral where his grandchildren recounted his impact on their … Read More

The Army Is Wary Of Future Insider Attacks Amid Its New Advise And Assist Missions

army sfab insider attacks afghanistan
In the aftermath of the insider attack that took the life of a U.S. soldier last week, Army officials are reaffirming their concerns over the prevalence of such incidents among U.S. military personnel deployed to Afghanistan to train, advise and assist local security forces, the Associated Press reports. Army Cpl. Joseph Maciel, one of 300 soldiers … Read More

Mattis On His Cleaning Up After Trump With NATO: ‘I Love Reading Fiction’

mattis nato Jens Stoltenberg
Secretary of Defense James Mattis called bullsh*t on a report that claimed he’d been dispatched to make nice with skittish NATO allies following President Donald Trump’s aggressive two-day summit with European leaders, calling the suggestion that the Pentagon had entered “damage control” mode  as “fiction” “That was fascinating. I love reading fiction. So it was … Read More

Meet The Heroic Aircrew Behind That Fiery B-1B Lancer Emergency Landing

b-1b lancer emergency landing aircrew
The Air Force on Friday formally recognized the actions of the B-1B Lancer bomber aircrew that saved both themselves and their aircraft amid a fiery emergency landing in May, officials announced on Saturday. Gen. Robin Rand, the commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross to five airmen from the 28th … Read More

Army: New Command Won’t Piss Away Billions On Bad Technology

With the establishment of its new Futures Command, the Army pinky swears that the problems that doomed its $18 billion Future Combat Systems program in the last decade will not recur. On Friday, senior Army leaders announced the service was consolidating its modernization efforts in a single command that will be located in Austin, Texas. … Read More