Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


This Army Recruiter Has A Hilarious Game To Help You Pick Which Service Branch To Join

July 20, 2018

Sgt. 1st Class Kenny Mewhort has been an Army Recruiter on Long Island, New York for a year-and-a-half, and he recently revealed the secret trick to deciding which military branch to join if you really can’t decide. A video from Mewhort showed up on Reddit’s military community on Thursday, which had a fellow recruiter asking … Read More

The White House Is Reportedly Mad At Trump’s Top Intel Chief For Daring To Tell The Truth

July 20, 2018

dan coats intel chief
White House officials have been calling their friends at The Washington Post to let them know Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats “has gone rogue” over comments he made at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday. The leaks from Trump advisers come due to the “damaging optics” of what Coats’ said in an hour-long conversation … Read More

Trump Decided To Invite Putin To The White House And Apparently Didn’t Tell His Spy Chief

July 19, 2018

dan coats
It’s gotta be quite a thrill to work in the Trump administration. Every day is an adventure. On Monday, your job could be hearing the latest intelligence out of Russia, and on Thursday, your job could be hearing the latest intelligence coming out of the White House. That seemed to be the case on Thursday, … Read More

Watch This Police Officer Set The World Record For Doing Terrible Pushups In An Hour

July 19, 2018

An Albany, Georgia, police officer has broken the world record for the most consecutive terrible pushups within a one-hour period. Maj. Bryan LaVoie knocked out 3,020 reps of what look kind of like pushups on Tuesday to go for the Guinness World Record. The previous record was for 2,682 which hopefully featured the person fully-extending … Read More

Every American Needs To Watch Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood’s Inspiring ESPYs Speech

July 19, 2018

jake wood espys
Jake Wood, the former Marine-turned CEO of Team Rubicon, just gave an inspiring speech that every American needs to watch, given how divisive our politics is these days. “We have a saying at Team Rubicon: If Americans treated one another like they do after disasters, we’d live in a truly special place,” he said. After … Read More

The Pentagon Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue What Trump And Putin’s ‘Security Agreement’ Is

July 19, 2018

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has said it’s ready to pursue an “international security” agreement that was discussed between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, but so far the Pentagon doesn’t seem to have a clue of what that means. A Defense Department spokesman told me “we don’t currently have anything” when asked … Read More

There’s A New ‘Father And Son Served In Afghanistan’ Puff Piece, And Boy Is It Depressing

July 17, 2018

They are not meant to be depressing reads, but the latest¬†father and son both served in Afghanistan public affairs story is out, and boy is it depressing. Most of these stories go something like this: The son says how proud he is to be a soldier and to be serving in Afghanistan. He’s carrying on … Read More

Top US Commander Says He Won’t Negotiate Directly With Taliban, Even Though He Almost Certainly Will

July 17, 2018

john nicholson taliban peace talks
The top American commander in Afghanistan has gone into a tizzy over what he’s called a mischaracterization of his words, in which he told Reuters the United States is “ready to talk to the Taliban” about bringing an end to the 17-year-old war there. On Monday, Gen. John Nicholson told Reuters, “Our Secretary of State, … Read More