Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


We Are Never Leaving Afghanistan

June 19, 2018

lt gen miller afghanistan
If you thought the United States was ever going to leave Afghanistan, the hearing on Tuesday to confirm Lt. Gen. Austin S. Miller to lead the coalition presence there should do away with that assumption. Some 17 years after U.S. troops and CIA operatives made their way in, the mission, according to Miller’s testimony, is … Read More

Move Over, Mattis: The Air Force Has A Real-Life Warrior Monk

June 18, 2018

Secretary Jim Mattis has earned himself some colorful nicknames over the years. He’s sometimes referred to as “Mad Dog” (even though he totally hates that one) or “Chaos,” and since he’s known to be a deep military thinker who’s never been married, many know him as “Warrior Monk.” But that last one should probably be … Read More

This DoD Photo Is Just Begging For A Caption Contest

June 14, 2018

dod photo
There’s so much going on in this recent photograph above, published on the Defense Department’s official website. The official caption explains that a U.S. Marine from Charlie Co., 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment was helping others get through a barbed wire obstacle while training in Latvia. But what I see is a U.S. Marine with … Read More

These Veterans Made A Shakespearean Play Starring Tom Hanks A Reality

June 14, 2018

tom hanks
Nicest guy in Hollywood and A-list actor Tom Hanks is currently starring in Henry IV, a play by William Shakespeare, and a substantial number of veterans are the backbone of the production. “I’m playing Falstaff in the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles production of Henry IV, on this very stage, that has in fact, been … Read More

This Army Specialist Went On The World’s Most Insane Water Slide And Lived To Tell About It

June 12, 2018

insane slide
“If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough,” goes the unofficial theme song of Johnny Knoxville & Co., and that sentiment almost certainly applies to the latest video blowing up on Reddit. Titled “This should be fun,” the 37-second video features a tattooed man giving the aforementioned quote before barreling down a near-vertical drainage … Read More

Congress To Pentagon: Hey Guys, Tell Us WTF You Are Doing

June 12, 2018

green berets houthi rebels yemen saudi arabia
Buried deep inside Congress’ recently published report on this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, there’s an interesting section, in dense legalese, that seems to say: Yo, Pentagon, you need to tell us what the hell you’re doing when you’re doing it. It’s buried on pages 310 and 311, inside a section on “notifications for sensitive military … Read More

7 Lines Trump Just Gifted To North Korea’s Propaganda Machine

June 12, 2018

north korea summit trump kim jong un singapore trump-kim summit
It’s almost 7 a.m. here on the west coast of the United States. As I and most of America slept, our president was on television praising a dictator, who currently has more than 200,000 of his own citizens locked up in Nazi-like prison camps, as a “very talented man” who “loves his people.” Admittedly, I … Read More

Military Spouse Who Cheated 8 Times In 3 Years Asks: Should I Divorce My Husband?

June 7, 2018

military spouse marriage divorce
A military spouse who cheated on her husband with eight different people over three years of marriage — including one while she was pregnant with their daughter — has asked advice columnist Abigail Van Buren whether she should get a divorce. Of course, the obvious answer here is, yeah, no shit, Sherlock, but here is … Read More