Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


Legendary Sgt. Maj. Brad Kasal Praises His Marines As ‘What Is Right About This Nation’ In Humble Retirement Speech

May 24, 2018

brad kasal
It’s not a stretch to say that Sgt. Maj. Brad Kasal is a legend in the Marine Corps. Most Marines know him as an incredible leader who epitomized Corps values and always led from the front, while most of America learned who he was after he was photographed walking out of an insurgent-infested house in … Read More

A Mullet-Wearing Marine Recruit Showed Up To Boot Camp Ready To Party

May 23, 2018

mullet marine recruit boot camp
When I look at the above photo, first posted by Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on Tuesday, I imagine this is the conversation that played out: Hey mom, I’m at boot camp safe. Can you send me some black cats, Roman Candles, or screaming mimis? Yeah, and throw in some lady fingers, fuzz buttles, … Read More

Can We All Shut The Hell Up About High Schools Stopping Grads From Showing Their ‘Military Pride’?

May 21, 2018

high school grad
An 18-year-old high school student planning to join the Army wasn’t allowed to wear a sash representing the service last weekend at her graduation ceremony. So of course, the professional outrage machine of dysfunctional veterans and moms who spend every weekend baking American flag cakes decided the school was unpatriotic. “I’m in the Army, this … Read More

Listen To Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill Talk About The Raid That Killed Osama Bin Laden

May 17, 2018

“This is some serious Navy SEAL shit we’re about to do,” Rob O’Neill, the former SEAL Team 6 operator who killed Osama bin Laden, said Wednesday of what he was thinking during the 2011 raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While speaking to a mostly military and veteran crowd at a Clever Talks event in San Diego May … Read More

Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill Has The Most ‘Murican Suit Jacket Ever

May 17, 2018

rob o'neill osama bin laden
I met Rob O’Neill last night before he went on stage at Clever Talks in San Diego, Calif., and not surprisingly, he possesses what I would call the most ‘Murican suit jacket of all time. Although the exterior of his suit is a pretty standard blue, I noticed something unique about the inside liner and … Read More

Here’s What Soldiers Feel And Think During Combat

May 15, 2018

Heart pounding. Fear. Tunnel vision. These are just a few of the physical and emotional responses soldiers reported upon their first combat experience. Sure, there are hundreds of books, movies, and other multimedia that can give a sense of what it’s like to be shot at, bombed, or rocketed. Then there are the stories a … Read More

The DIA Studied Warp Drives, Wormholes, And Manipulating Space-Time For Some Reason

May 15, 2018

The Defense Intelligence Agency put together a 34-page intelligence reference document for some reason that talks about warp drives, dark energy, manipulating dimensions, and other terms that fall more in line with a Star Wars plot than intelligence analysis. The document, dated April 2, 2010, and marked for official use only, was obtained by KLAS-TV … Read More

The Untold Stories Of Marine Special Ops ‘Getting Some’ Against ISIS

May 11, 2018

U.S. Marine Special Operators on the ground in Iraq and Syria in the coalition’s anti-ISIS fight have been getting into plenty of direct combat going back to at least January 2016, according to award citations obtained by Task & Purpose. Although President Barack Obama and Pentagon leaders often explained that the battle against ISIS was being … Read More