Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


The Marine Corps Says It’s Not Lowering Standards For Female Marines. This Photo Says Otherwise.

March 7, 2018

marine handshake
In the years since the Pentagon ordered the Marine Corps to open all previously-male only combat specialties, the service has been adamant that it would never lower its standards. If women want to be in the infantry, artillery, or engineers, they would have to pass the same requirements as men, the Corps said. Marines would … Read More

Ice Cream Man Doesn’t Want To Hear The Sound Of Freedom

March 5, 2018

ben cohen
A local ice cream man apparently doesn’t want to hear the sound of freedom produced by F-35 fighter jets. The ice cream man, who often wows the kids with delectable flavors and a healthy scooping of cookie dough, was arrested on Saturday for hawking protest instead of a new combination of chocolate with a little … Read More

Al Qaeda Has A Women’s Magazine Filled With Roses, Cartoons, And Great Advice Like ‘Don’t Nag Your Husband’

March 5, 2018

al qaeda mag
Al Qaeda has a new-ish online magazine for its women jihadis featuring roses, cartoons, stolen stock photos, and great advice like don’t nag your husband since he sees a lot of blood every day. Beituki (Arabic for “Your Home”) is what The Economist referred to as Al Qaeda’s “chick lit,” but this isn’t some #MeToo-esque … Read More

Trump May Not Even Show Up To His Own Military Parade

March 2, 2018

ddonald trump military parade
President Donald Trump may not even show up to the big military parade supposedly taking place later this year in Washington, D.C. Although the president has officially ordered the Pentagon to start planning a parade for Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Trump is expected to be in Paris on that day attending a summit alongside 79 … Read More

Watch This Unintentionally Hilarious Clip Of A CNN Reporter Firing An AR-15

March 2, 2018

ar15 firing
Hey, did you know the AR-15 is really loud? That it shoots bullets meant to inflict maximum damage? Or that it looks a lot like the military’s M-16 rifle? If you didn’t know all these amazing factoids, then you’re in luck, because CNN has a two-minute video filled with all this and more, including reporter … Read More

A Medal of Honor Recipient Is Speaking Out About Veterans Being ‘Over-Prescribed’

March 2, 2018

clint romesha
There’s a serious crisis in America when it comes to opioids. Millions of Americans are addicted to prescription pain relievers, and tens of thousands die from overdoses each year. But the veteran community leads the way with a sobering statistic: They are two times more likely to overdose than non-veterans. And beyond the overdose risk, … Read More

Medal of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha: People Should Stop ‘Armchair Quarterbacking’ What They’d Do In A School Shooting

March 2, 2018

clint romesha parkland florida school shooting
Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha says people need to stop “armchair quarterbacking” what they would do during a school shooting. In an appearance on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Romesha said all those would-be heroes should “stop talking about it” if they’ve never been in a situation like that. Although the question from … Read More

This Is ‘Code Red News with Paul Szoldra’

March 1, 2018

Welcome to Code Red News, my new column here at Task & Purpose. So first things first, who the hell am I? My name is Paul Szoldra (good luck pronouncing it), and I’ve been a national security reporter for places like Business Insider and We Are The Mighty for about five or so years. During … Read More