Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


Marine Corps Opens Investigation Into Nazi-Loving Lance Corporal

May 3, 2018

The Marine Corps has officially launched an investigation into a lance corporal who apparently attacked a protester at the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally while marching with white supremacist groups. “The Commandant is aware of the allegations against the Marine and there is an investigation underway,” said Lt. Col. Eric Dent, a spokesman for Gen. … Read More

Mattis Says The Taliban Is On Its ‘Back Foot,’ And No, He Wasn’t Making A Funny Joke

May 3, 2018

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Tuesday that the Taliban has been put on their “back foot,” and before you start to laugh at that very funny joke, I have to tell you that it wasn’t actually a joke. Mattis said this in a non-sarcastic tone, without any hint of comedy. While speaking with Pentagon reporters, … Read More

An Air Force Investigator Was Browsing Reddit And Ended Up Saving An Airman’s Life

May 1, 2018

air force investigator reddit
A special agent for the Air Force recently ended up saving an airman’s life — all due to the fact that he was browsing Reddit. Special Agent Charles Woomer discovered an anonymous post on Reddit on April 24 asking how the military’s life insurance policy would pay out if “something” were to happen before he … Read More

WWII Marine Gets His Dying Wish: To Meet Up With A Fellow Guadalcanal Veteran

May 1, 2018

The internet: The home of trolls, angry comment sections, fake news, and Nigerian prince email scams. With all this going on it can sometimes feel like the world wide web is a mostly nasty place beyond redemption. And then social media goes and connects two World War II veterans of the same battle… AND TOTALLY … Read More

A New Podcast Offers An Inside Look Into How ISIS Convinced Westerners To Join

April 27, 2018

There’s a new podcast out from The New York Times that gives a rich inside look into how ISIS convinced westerners to join its ranks, and it’s a must-listen if you want to fully understand the group. We’ve all seen the terrible carnage, beheadings, and war crimes of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but the podcast … Read More

Can You Spot The Sniper In This Photo… Holy Crap Is That A Snake?

April 25, 2018

sniper and snake
A photograph of an Army sniper remaining still as a snake slithers across his barrel has gone viral. During training at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. on Apr. 7, Alabama National Guard Pfc. William Snyder was caught on camera fully-camouflaged in a ghillie suit looking down the scope of his rifle as a Southern black … Read More

Afghanistan Is So Great That Its Military Officers Keep Going AWOL While Training In The US

April 25, 2018

Afghanistan is such a fantastic and magical place after U.S. involvement there for the past 17 years that its military officers keep disappearing when they are training here in the states. As of Feb. 2018, nine out of the 150 Afghans training in the U.S. are currently absent without leave, the Pentagon says. Although most … Read More

A Sailor Was Arrested For Allegedly Carrying Out The Dumbest Crime Possible

April 25, 2018

San Diego-based Navy destroyer uss pickney explosives stolen
Remember that old show World’s Dumbest Criminals? There’s a 31-year-old sailor apparently trying to impress the show’s casting director. Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Aaron Booker was arrested by Navy investigators in Great Lakes, Ill. on Tuesday on suspicion that he stole 20 concussion grenades from a ship he had been serving on in San Diego, … Read More