Paul Szoldra is a journalist with past bylines at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty, and is the founder of Duffel Blog. He is a former Marine infantryman.

Paul Szoldra


Afghan Soldiers Recently Abandoned Bases In The Country’s North Without A Fight

August 29, 2018

afghanistan taliban hostage cease-fire afghan soldiers
Several hundred Afghan National Army soldiers abandoned their bases in the northern province of Faryab, while Afghan officials gave conflicting reasons for their departure. Faryab Governor Naqibullah Fayeq told TOLO News the outposts were abandoned due to low morale among the soldiers, while one Afghan army general said the soldiers “were ordered to leave the bases to … Read More

Dan Bilzerian Celebrates His Armenian Citizenship By Blowing Sh*t Up With A Bazooka

August 29, 2018

dan bilzerian bazooka
Dan Bilzerian, the social media star/aspiring operator/dude-told-to-fuck-off-by-a-Las-Vegas-cop, just became a citizen of Armenia and celebrated by blowing shit up with a bazooka and firing off some machine guns with the country’s military. The so-called “King of Instagram” said he flew to Armenia on Aug. 25, where the Tampa, Florida native was naturalized as a citizen … Read More

Lindsey Graham Says He’ll Honor John McCain’s Legacy By Pushing To Stay In Afghanistan Forever

August 28, 2018

lindsey graham john mccain legacy afghanistan
With the recent death of legendary Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, many of his colleagues are wondering how they can best honor his legacy. Some think it could be to rename a building in his honor. Others have stood and given passionate speeches in praise of the Republican “Maverick” and Vietnam War hero. Sen. Lindsey Graham wants … Read More

Marine Captain: Actually Talk To The People Getting Out And They May Change Their Mind

August 24, 2018

marine captain leadership
A former Marine captain has written about a common behavior among senior leaders that often leads to a bad taste in the mouth of those who leave the Corps: Being treated like a leper before the end of enlistment. In an article published in the September issue of the Marine Corps Gazette, Capt. Yosef E. … Read More

Here’s How Top Military Leaders Have Described US ‘Progress’ In Afghanistan Over The Last Decade

August 23, 2018

dunford afghanistan war
There has been a lot of progress happening in Afghanistan over the 17 years the United States has been fighting there — at least, according to the Pentagon’s top military minds. Despite the Taliban briefly seizing the city of Ghazni earlier this month — thus sending a message to Afghans that their central government, just … Read More

Read The Full Citation For Air Force Tech Sgt. John Chapman’s Medal Of Honor

August 22, 2018

john chapman medal of honor
Sixteen years after he sacrificed himself defending his team on a 10,000-foot peak known as Takur Ghar in Afghanistan, Air Force Technical Sgt. John Chapman has received the Medal of Honor. In a ceremony at The White House on Wednesday, President Donald Trump presented the posthumous award to Chapman’s wife, Valerie Nessel. A military aide … Read More

Kalashnikov Unveils A ‘Killer Robot’ That Could Easily Be Destroyed By Ewoks

August 22, 2018

Russian weapons maker Kalashnikov Concern has unveiled what is being dubbed a “killer robot,”  although it seems like it would be easily defeated by Ewoks if it’s ever deployed to the far side of Endor. In a video posted August 20 on the website of Kalashnikov — yes, that Kalashnikov — the company showed off what … Read More

The Taliban Is Actually Entering Peace Talks — In Moscow

August 21, 2018

taliban russia moscow
The Taliban has accepted an invitation from the Russian government to join multilateral talks next month covering the future of Afghanistan that the U.S. is not likely to take part in, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The Sep. 4 meeting in Moscow, which is also expected to host representatives from Afghanistan, … Read More