Up through World War II, most photos taken were only shown in black and white. But now, thanks to Brazilian artist Marina Amaral, we are able to glimpse history through a new lens — in color.

“I’ve always been passionate about history and very interested in World War II,” Amaral told Task & Purpose.

She said she began to experiment with Photoshop when she was a child, but it was just a hobby, never anything serious.

However, she said, “One day I found a few colorizations on the internet, by accident, and I was fascinated by the possibility to transform my two passions into one single thing.”

But the colorizations are no easy feat, she added.

“It’s like a traditional painting,” she said. “Research, lots of layers of different colors and many hours of patience. Every single pixel is colored by hand — there is nothing automatic in the process.”


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Lucky for us, Amaral was kind enough to share six stunning World War II photos with Task & Purpose.

1. Soldiers from C Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, in Germany, Dec. 11, 1944.

Soldiers from C Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, in Germany, Dec. 11, 1944.Marina Amaral

2. On April 21, 1944, one-man submarine lands on Peter Beach in the Anzio Beachhead area of Italy, and is examined by U.S. soldiers.

20299352328_423bbe4575_bMarina Amaral

3. U.S. Marines in a Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel approach Iwo Jima, Japan, on Feb. 9, 1945.

28469559176_82cc507b08_kMarina Amaral

4. On Aug. 3, 1944, U.S. soldiers of the 1st U.S. Infantry Division patrol the deserted road to Mortain, France.

26050678252_c4ecc3cd5d_bMarina Amaral

5. A German soldier is captured during the Battle of Moscow, Russia, on Dec. 1, 1941.

25136530422_80528a3513_bMarina Amaral

6. A flight crew stands by the B-26 Marauder in 1944.

19984616114_62e10a8298_bMarina Amaral


Colorized images and custom prints are available at MarinaAmaral.com.