On Oct 28, 2008, in Badghis Province, Afghanistan, six special operations Marines were cut off from the rest of their unit. Outnumbered, they were trapped in the remnants of a compound, surrounded by more than 50 insurgents. Unable to receive air support from F-18s flying overhead, the Marines needed another solution.

That’s when two A-10 pilots, U.S. Air Force Capt. Jeremiah “Bull” Parvin and 1st Lt. Aaron Cavazos, were called in from more than 300 miles away to provide close-air support. Over a four-hour mission, the pilots saved the lives of six Marines and killed dozens of insurgents through almost 20 close-air support runs.

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For their actions that day, both Parvin and Cavazos were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor.

Task & Purpose is proud to recreate that mission in the original comic below, created by our director of multimedia & design, Matt Battaglia.



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