Duane Sherman/Kriss Ross via Facebook

When Sue Morse took to the Facebook page of a motorcycle club she rides with, it was with a simple request: She wanted the group's members to send birthday cards to her World War II veteran father ahead of his 97th birthday on Dec. 30.

Morse expected maybe a hundred cards to arrive. Instead, her father, Duane Sherman, received more than 50,000 letters from well-wishers in all 50 states, reports the Orange County Register.

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Robert Wilkie (Photo: Cpl. Dallas Johnson/US Marine Corps)

Robert Wilkie has had it with people stereotyping veterans as victims — or at least that's the framing of a recent letter the Veterans Affairs secretary fired off to the American Federation of Government Employees on Monday, the largest union of federal employees in the United States.

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Well, the wait is up.

Frank Castle is headed back for a second season of The Punisher, and there's going to be one hell of a body count once it blasts its way onto Netflix on Jan. 18.

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Captain Marvel

A new behind-the-scenes featurette for Captain Marvel just dropped, and it looks like Brie Larson has some stiff competition for the spotlight from the United States Air Force.

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U.S. Army/Capt. Justin Wright

Fire. Mortar. Boom. That's really all you need to know about what's happening in this photo, and based on the tag, that's about all you get. For those who aren't familiar with PAO parlance: A "tag" is how you identify a photo so it shows up when you search for it.

And really, what else should you search for if not: "fire mortar boom."

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