This Crazy Inventor Built A Lifesize AT-AT Walker In His Backyard

Photo via Colin Furze

In a backyard far far away, one Star Wars megafan gets to go outside every day and play with the greatest toy on the planet.

British inventor and YouTube personality Furze recently joined up with eBay to create a gigantic imperial AT-AT walker in his backyard, where his son and other fans are able to play inside.

The massive walker stands 18 feet high and is completely stocked with Star Wars swag. This gigantic imperial killing machine is easily the greatest playhouse that’s ever existed, in this galaxy or any other.

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The AT-AT’s head even moves, as do the turrets on the side. There’s also an automated ramp ladder that raises and lowers, so that tiny intrepid stormtroopers can load up and set out to crush the rebel scum.

A bit of a mad scientist, Furze also documented the extensive labor that went into building a playhouse bigger than his actual home.

But, if you want to jump right to the awesome stuff, you can watch Furze’s video of the finished imperial walker below.

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