I was struck by the response to this essay yesterday, especially on Twitter. Lots of comments agreeing that it was difficult to find work as meaningful as military service, how long it took and so on. One guy rather sadly posted that he never had found that meaning since leaving the military.

So I decided there is a good readers’ contest to do here. If you are one of those who found work with meaning—or took an alternate route, like volunteering or something—write one paragraph about it. Try to briefly address these questions: What work did you find, how did you find it, how long did it take to find, and why does it have meaning for you?

Who knows, you might even help out a fellow vet struggling a bit with the post-military transition.

Please send to me using the little e-mail clicker over on the left of the Long March homepage, near the postage stamp foto of me. Or if you are feeling lazy, post it in the comments. Winner gets a signed copy of my meaningful book on Churchill and Orwell.

A New Long March Contest: How Did You Find Work With Meaning After The Military?