If the coronavirus pandemic has canceled your typical Memorial Day weekend plans of hanging out with friends, going to the pool or hosting a big BBQ, you might already be planning to stay-at-home and watch military-themed movies.

But one company is looking to pay someone for it.

HomeSnacks is looking to hire a veteran to watch 18 hours and 36 minutes of military-themed movies.

“This is the perfect job for the patriotic Americans who have served our country and a way for us to give back and thank those who have bravely served our country,” the website states. “We’re not just talking about taking in old war movies here. This is a chance to roll up your sleeves and get immersed into America’s war history like never before.”

It’s a total of 10 movies, which includes, ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘The Longest Day’ and ’1917'.

Once chosen, all you have to do is watch the movies and write a 1,000 word summary of what you learned about U.S. military history. Then you’ll get your $1,000.

The person hired will also get a large US flag, an “I Served” sticker, a gift card for a large box of fireworks and a pre-made meal of hot dogs, french fries, corn on the cob, potato salad, and an apple pie.

“By the end of Memorial Day weekend, you’ll probably be humming ‘The Battle Cry of Freedom,’ and ‘Over There,’ and might just stand at attention every time you hear the Star Spangled Banner,” the website states. It is illegal for private citizens to use fireworks in Massachusetts.

Applications are accepted until May 22, and the winner will be chosen May 23.

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