The Duffel Blog — America’s most trusted source in fake military news, E-4 Mafia notwithstanding — launched a kickstarter campaign today for a new Cards Against Humanity-style game titled “WTF, Over?”

Nope, that’s not a Duffel Blog headline. But it’s about as on-brand as you can get:

Photo courtesy of Duffel Blog and War Games LLC

“WTF, Over?” uses the same colorful prompt-and-response format as CAH, but with more belligerence, knife hands, ninja punches, and satirical news headlines. Say your friend drops down a card with the prompt: “ISIS just claimed responsibility for _____.” You can come back with your best response card, be it “banning chairs in the Air Force” or “Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.” Other responses in the 220-card deck include: “Deploying just to get away from the kids for a minute,” “downgrading the Pentagon to a square,” and  “James Mattis, praise be unto his name.”

Basically, it’s what would happen if Apples to Apples enlisted in the infantry and got stationed at Twentynine Palms.

Photo courtesy of Duffel Blog and War Games LLC

The game is a joint effort between Duffel Blog, the online satire publication written by and for vets and service members — you may have heard of it? — and War Games LLC, a veteran-owned gaming business.

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War Games is something of a seasoned NCO in this space, having already crowdfunded two similar humorous mil-themed card games, FUBAR and Blue Falcon, which make good use of an easy to remember format — even when drunk.

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For Duffel Blog, though, having an IRL product you can touch is a pretty new idea. “I’m incredibly excited to launch this game and bring a piece of Duffel Blog offline and into the barracks or downrange,” said Paul Szoldra, DB’s founder and editor-in-chief, as well as — full disclosure! — a Task & Purpose columnist.

The Kickstarter campaign launches March 21 and runs for 30 days, with a funding goal of $15,000. If your platoon’s gotten bored with tonk and spades tournaments, maybe it just needs a little more “WTF, Over?”