This Hilarious New Card Game By Veterans Is FUBAR

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Cards from FUBAR, a crowdfunded game made by and for veterans and military.

Cards from FUBAR, a crowdfunded game made by and for veterans and military.

A new crowdfunded card game created by a group of veterans, military satire writers, and active-duty service members is totally FUBAR, and we mean that in the best way possible.

The game takes its name from the military acronym meaning fucked up beyond all recognition.

It was chosen because it was short, recognizable, and rolled off the tongue more easily than “war crimes against humanity,” quippedDrew Ferrol, one of the founders of War Games LLC, the company behind the game. Ferrol is also a writer for Duffel Blog, a popular military satire and humor site.

The military-themed card game is based on Cards Against Humanity, which is itself a popular and wondrously depraved — and likely, booze inspired — spin-off of the family-friendly game Apples to Apples.

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Like its predecessor, FUBAR is played by revealing a black card with a sentence that’s missing one or more words. Then players put down their own cards to fill the blanks. The best, or often the worst, answer wins.

The genesis for the game came about in October, when Ferrol and a fellow Duffel Blog writer were pitching story ideas and realized they could actually make it a real game. They took to Facebook, started a group, and began pooling ideas with the group’s four founding members and roughly 20 contributors.

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Cards from FUBAR, a crowdfunded game made by and for veterans and military.Photo courtesy of War Games LLC

The Kickstarter campaign launched on Jan. 16 and met its initial goal of $10,800 in just two days — the campaign since doubled that amount. At the time of publication, the crowdfunding campaign has received more than $22,000 in pledges and still has 24 days left to go. The expected ship date for the card game is April.

Because the company met its stretch goal, Ferrol explained that the deck size increased from 385 to 440 cards and they hope to meet their $40,000 benchmark which would pay for an Army expansion set.

Ferrol said they have plans to create expansion packs for each service, except for the Coast Guard, and are hoping to add Iraq, Afghanistan, and National Guard decks to the mix in the future.

“The fun part about making the game was just all of the ideas that we had,” said Ferrol, a Navy veteran and a stand-up comic. “It’s just endless ideas, then you have a couple and you start to get more and more, and that’s just the fun part of all this.”

To give you an idea of the type of humor you’ll come across during a round of FUBAR, here’s Ferrol’s favorite card: “Reaching into the trash can to grab a spitter, and getting your hand covered in semen.”

Ferrol added that this is based on a true story, but was mum about who it happened to.

Which is why the game is such an exciting prospect.

It was thought up by a bunch of veterans and service members who were hanging out and having a good time swapping stories and anecdotes about their military service. All the disgusting, embarrassing, and awesome stuff that goes on in the military is fair game when it's laid out in black and white on neat little pieces of paper.