Fort Bragg Looking For Soldier Accused Of Trying To Steal Rifles

Bullet Points

Fort Bragg police have asked for the public’s help in tracking down a North Carolina National Guard soldier accused of trying to steal weapons from the nation’s largest military installation.

  • Spc. Cameron Reese Bray, 23, was last seen fleeing on foot in the western edge of Fort Bragg’s training area, near the intersection of King and Connecticut roads, according to post spokesman Tom McCollum.
  • Bray is accused of attempted larceny of government weapons. McCollum said Bray attempted to steal two M4 rifles while conducting annual training with his National Guard unit at Fort Bragg.

  • A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, Bray has a criminal history and is believed to be heading toward his hometown, McCollum said.
  • The North Carolina National Guard confirmed Bray was a soldier with the 732nd Forward Support Company, 5th Battalion, 113th Field Artillery Regiment, but was not immediately able to provide other details on his service.

A spokesman for the state Guard said officials will cooperate with law enforcement in their search for Bray. Anyone who sees Bray is asked to call 911 immediately.


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