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Updated May 20, 2022 3:11 PM

Are you sick of cramming your entire family into small tents with overlapping sleeping pads and gear packed in every nook and cranny? Well, we’re here to help you take your camping experience to the next level with the best six-person tents. With ample space, six-person tents are great for big groups — and even a couple dogs. But, you’ll want to do a little research first, before picking out a tent of this size.

In this review, we’ve reviewed a variety of tents, from dome-shaped to cabin tents, to determine the best six-person tent for a variety of missions. We found tents well-suited for glamping and others good for three-season camping. Some have enormous vestibules (the camping equivalent of a “mudroom”), while others have open, mesh exteriors for stargazing. While you’ll want to look elsewhere if you want a lightweight backpacking tent, these six-person tents will meet all your backcountry needs.

Best Overall

This REI Co-op tent is called a “kingdom” for a reason. With over 80 square feet of floor area and a peak height over six feet, this tunnel-like tent will feel like a castle indeed. It features an adjustable room divider, and with near vertical walls, it still feels spacious with a full and two twin air mattresses, making this a great pick for family, car camping trips. This tent also features a large vestibule, two large doors, and an endless array of storage pockets. With a partially mesh exterior, this tent has great ventilation and provides ample opportunities for stargazing. A full-coverage rain tarp also provides reasonable protection from the elements. Get ready for a no-hassle teardown process, as this tent easily fits into a storage bag with different compartments for the main tent, poles, and rain fly.

That said, with ample features and a large floor area, this tent is quite heavy, weighing in at over 20 pounds. Its tall height also makes it not an ideal choice for high wind-prone areas, and some reviewers reported heavy rains leaking through the fly vents. It’s also pricier than some other options, but it is extremely durable and will last your family many seasons of camping.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 21 pounds 6 ounces
  • Peak height: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Floor dimensions: 10 feet x 8 feet 4 inches

Tall and spacious with over 80 square feet of floor area and a peak height of over 6 feet

Adjustable room divider

Two large doors

Storage bag with different compartments

Good ventilation

Ample storage space



Pricier than some other options

Not great in wind, heavy rain

Best Value

For the family that goes on an annual summer camping trip, the Coleman Sundome 6 is a great pick. First off, it’s cheap, often hovering under $100. It’s also extremely roomy, with a peak height of six feet and 100 square feet of floor area — big enough to fit two queen air mattresses. The setup is relatively easy, and the tent itself is lighter than many other options on this list. Since this option has a dome shape, it will also hold up pretty well in the wind.

Although this six-person tent is a great steal, you are paying for what you get. This means cheap materials compared to higher-priced tents and few features. The tent only has one door and no vestibule. It also isn’t a good option for rain, since the rainfly only partially covers the tent. But, if you are sticking to camping in warm weather and looking for an affordable option, this is still a great tent for you.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 16.1 pounds
  • Peak height: 6 feet
  • Floor dimensions: 10 feet x 10 feet

Great bang for your buck

Spacious with 100 square feet of floor area

Relatively light

Easy setup


Only one door, no vestibule

Not very weather-resistant with partial rainfly

Cheap materials

Editor’s Choice

This Marmot tent is a high-quality, three-season tent that will last you through the ages. With a peak height over six feet and nearly 100 square feet of floor area, this tent is bound to be comfortable for the whole family. Its dome design makes it hold up well in the wind, while — at the same time — its “halo” design pulls the walls up vertically, creating more headroom. Durable, strong poles and thick fabric, complete with a full-coverage rain tarp, make this a great tent to huddle up in on a rainy day, while ample mesh also allows for great air circulation. Get ready to spread out with two huge vestibules and various storage pockets.

On the downside, this tent is a bit pricier than many of its competitors. It’s also quite heavy, weighing in at over 20 pounds. While it largely boasts high-quality materials, its stakes are relatively flimsy and not ideal for rocky environments. Regardless, we still think the Marmot Halo 6 is a great pick for campers in search of a high-quality, weather-resistant tent fit for the whole family.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 20 pounds 1.3 ounces
  • Peak height: 6 feet 3.5 inches
  • Floor dimensions: 9 feet 10 inches x 9 feet 10 inches

Tall and spacious with almost 100 square fteer of floor area and a peak height well over 6 feet

Weather-resistant against wind and rain

Two big vestibules and storage pockets

Two large doors

Good ventilation

High-quality materials

Easy setup



Heavy at over 20 pounds

Flimsy stakes

For campers looking for a tent that can be set up in 60 seconds, the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a great pick. It has pre-attached poles to make setup quick and painless, and it’s packed with features — all for an affordable price. Like most cabin tents, it has nearly vertical walls, and its peak height reaches six feet, making this a comfortable choice for the family. With nearly 100 square feet of floor area, it can fit two queen mattresses or six sleeping pads. It comes with a huge wall organizer, a latent hook, a gear hook, and a wall port for extension cords. It also allows great ventilation, with multiple windows and floor vents.

One feature not included, however, is a vestibule, meaning you’ll have to keep any larger gear in the car. This tent is also not very weather-resistant, as rain can seap in the sides. It also doesn’t have as durable materials as some higher-priced options, though for a reasonable price, this instant cabin tent provides great bang for your buck.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Peak height: 6 feet
  • Floor dimensions: 11 feet x 9 feet

Instant setup

Tall and spacious with almost 100 square feet of floor area and peak heat of 6 feet

Great ventilation


Huge included wall organizer

Wall port for electricity connection


No vestibule

Not very weather-resistant

Best Dome Tent

This REI Co-op tent is a great option for campers looking to brave more than warm summer nights. With a dome-like shape and thick, sturdy materials, the Base Camp 6 Person Tent will protect you against hefty winds and rains alike. At the same time, its interior is spacious, with over 80 square feet of floor area and a peak height over six feet. It also features large vestibules on either side and 14 storage pockets. Its open ceiling makes it ideal for stargazing in warmer weather, and color-coded poles make for quick and easy setup.

On the downside, this tent can be a bit warm with the rainfly on, and it has less open mesh than many other tents. If you are looking for privacy though, this is a good pick.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 20 pounds. 10 ounces
  • Peak height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Floor dimensions: 9 feet 2 inches x 9 feet 2 inches

Extremely weather-resistant

Two large vestibules and 14 storage pockets

Durable materials

Easy setup

Spacious with over 80 square feet of floor area


Can be too warm with rainfly on

Less open mesh than other tents

Best Luxury Tent

This NEMO tent is massive, to say the least. At almost seven feet tall and with a floor area of almost 100 square feet, this is one of the most spacious tents on our list. This tent, which resembles a covered wagon, is easy to walk around in and spread out, as it also features a room divider for extra privacy. The Wagontop is made out of extremely durable materials, most notably a 300D polyester floor. For families looking for a luxurious, mild-weather tent, this is a great pick.

On the downside, this tent doesn’t hold up well in windy conditions because of its height. It’s also more difficult to set up than many of its competitors. It’s also one of the more expensive options. But, if you are looking for maximum space, it’s worth considering this tent.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Peak height: 6 feet 8 inches
  • Floor dimensions: 11 feet 8 inches x 8 feet 4 inches

Huge with almost 100 square feet of floor area and a peak height of almost 7 feet

Large vestibule for storage

Fixed room divider allows for more privacy

Durable materials


Doesn’t hold up well in wind

Hard to set up


Field tested in Alaska, this tent is a shoe-in for the best six-person tent for all four seasons. With a full-coverage rainfly and thick fabrics, this hexagon-like tent easily deflects high winds, heavy rains, and even snow. With mesh windows for airflow, it’s also comfortable in warmer conditions. It also includes a sizable vestibule and ample packers to keep your gear organized. Setting this tent up is also quick and easy.

On the downside, this tent is a bit pricey compared to competitors, but it’s worth it if you intend to camp throughout the winter. It’s also heavy, weighing in at over 30 pounds, so you won’t be backpacking with this tent anytime soon.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Peak height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Floor dimensions: 10 feet 2 inches x 11 feet 10 inches

Four-season tent, field tested in Alaska

Durable materials

Spacious with over 100 square feet of floor area

Easy to set up




Best Tent with Vestibule

This tent is great for families who need tons of storage space for gear. With a front vestibule that takes up an area of over 44 square feet, there’s enough room to store a bike, all of your belongings, and cook in a covered area. There is also ample storage throughout the tent, with a three-pocket storage wall on the back window, and updated aluminum poles. Made of extremely durable materials, this tent will hold up well in the wind or rain, while boasting good ventilation for warmer temperatures. For all of these features, it comes at a relatively affordable price.

This tent is not the easiest to set up, with a rainfly that needs to be staked down just right in order for the tent to be weatherproof. Other reviewers have also complained about the tent’s carrying bag, which takes after climbing rope bags and sinches up around the tent, rather than closing fully.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 20 pounds 15 ounces
  • Peak height: 6 feet 8 inches
  • Floor dimensions: 10 feet x 8 feet

Huge vestibule, with tons of storage space

Spacious tent with 80 square feet of floor area

Relatively weather-resistant

Durable materials

Good ventilation

Pretty affordable


Not the easiest to set up

Poor carry bag design

Best Family Tent

In the same category as premium options like the REI Co-op Kingdom, this tent is another six-person staple. It boasts generous floor space and enough room for most people to stand up. Its dome shape makes it a little less roomy than cabin-style tents with vertical walls, however, this means it stands up better against strong winds. With a full-coverage rainfly, it’s also a good pick for families camping in rainy weather. The tent fabrics are durable, the poles are sturdy, and it comes with an integrated porch light.

This is one of the most expensive products on the list, but it may be worth it for families looking for a weather-resistant product that will last. It also only has one door and one vestibule, leaving less room for maneuvering and storage space. Reviewers also complained that the tent doesn’t have the best ventilation when the rainfly is on.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Peak height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Floor dimensions: 10 feet x 8 feet 4 inches


Durable materials

Protection against strong winds

Spacious with over 80 square feetof floor area

Built-in porch light



Only one door and one vestibule

Not the best ventilation

Why you should trust us

As a longtime camper, I understand how important it is to have the right tent. Though I typically stick to my two-person backpacking tent, I’ve spent my fair share of nights camped in a six-person tent. This includes backyard camp-outs as a kid, as well as music festival weekends with friends. 

I also bring my experience writing for Task & Purpose on everything from four-person tents to camping hammocks. I pride myself on being able to find the highest quality gear out there, for the most affordable price, so when it comes to choosing the best six-person tent, you can trust that I will lead you to the right place.

Types of 6-person tents

Dome-shaped tents

One of the most widely available tent styles, dome-shaped tents are freestanding and take on an arch-like structure. While they may have a peak height of over six feet, they do cave in on all sides, making them feel a bit less spacious than tents with more vertical walls. This does mean, however, that they hold up better in the wind, as the slanted tent sides do a better job with deflection.

These tents are typically fairly simple to set up and can feature ample storage space, including vestibules. This includes our budget pick, the Coleman Sundome 6 and the REI Co-op Base Camp 6.

Cabin tents

Cabin tents are known for their nearly vertical walls and often offer more room for you and your gear than traditional dome-shaped tents. Some of these options take on an almost rectangular shape, and some still slant out on the sides, while still maintaining their upright shape. These tents also often feature vestibules for gear storage, or they have options to extend the rainfly as an awning using trekking poles.

The downside of these tents is they often don’t stand up well against strong winds, since their sides are so vertical. This category includes tents such as the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent and the NEMO Wagontop 6. The REI Co-op Kingdom 6 tent is also similar, with a tunnel-like structure.

Instant tents

Pretty self-explanatory, these tents are known for their ability to be set up almost instantly. Oftentimes, the poles will be pre-attached to the tent fabric, removing at least one step of the process. These tents are also very easy to take down and are a great option for newer campers looking to not waste time dealing with a tent. 

This category also includes the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent, our pick for the best instant tent.

Key features of 6-person tents


While these large tents have much more storage space than their smaller counterparts, they still vary in how much and what kind of storage they offer. Most of these tents, such as The North Face Wawona 6, have large vestibules, perfect for storing large gear and for lounging under on rainy days.

Other tents, like the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent, come with large wall organizers and ample pockets. Six people is a lot to fit in one tent, so it’s important to stay organized, and these different features are sure to do the trick.

Weather protection

It’s important to consider what kind of conditions you’ll be camping in before purchasing a tent. If you are just planning on warm summer camping, a tent like the REI Co-op Kingdom 6  or the Coleman Sundome 6 should suffice. 

But, if you are looking to camp in rainy or windy weather, look towards dome-like tents with full-coverage rain flys. This includes the Marmot Halo 6,  the REI Co-op Base Camp 6, The North Face Wawona 6, and the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic — our four-season pick.


Compared to smaller tents, these six-person shelters will feel like a home away from home, but your experience can vary depending on which tent you chose. You’ll want to consider factors such as floor dimensions and height. 

These tents are all taller than six feet at their peak, but for taller people, you may want to look towards the options closer to seven feet. Cabin tents can also be more comfortable in this regard, since their entire ceiling is close to that peak height, rather than caving in drastically around the edges, like most dome-like tents.

Benefits of 6-person tents


These large tents provide groups the opportunity to get comfortable in a tent and spread out, with ample storage space — no need to crawl into your tent and stay hunched over with these tall tents. You can also often fit multiple air mattresses in each, and some even come with room dividers for extra privacy. All in all, these are the perfect tents to make all your glamping dreams come true.


Six-person tents are ideal for a variety of circumstances. You can choose to fill it to its maximum capacity, with six sleeping pads side by side. Or, you can often fit two queen mattresses, or a full and two twins, for maximum comfort. 

Guides, or people living for long periods of time at base camps, also often use this size tent with small cots and pieces of camping furniture. Other than backpacking, there’s almost nothing these tents can’t do.

Pricing considerations of 6-person tents


These tents are less than $250. They often have few features and are not the best choice for extreme weather conditions. But if you are an occasional car camper, this can be a great place to start. 

Our budget pick is the Coleman Sundome 6, which offers 100 square feet of floor area in a dome-like tent. The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent also falls within this category.


These tents fall between $200 and $500 and typically use good-quality materials and boast ample features. This category includes tunnel-like luxury tents, like the REI Co-op Kingdom 6, as well as REI’s more weather-resistant tent, the Base Camp 6.

This category also includes the four-season Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic, as well as The North Face Wawona 6, which boasts a huge vestibule and tons of usable space.


Tents costing over $500 are considered premium. These often boast superior weather resistance or luxury features. The Marmot Halo 6, the NEMO Wagontop 6, and the MSR Habitude 6 use high-quality materials that will last. These are good options for avid campers who want a tent that will last them years of camping seasons.

How we chose our top picks

In order to pick our favorite six-person tents, we considered which product excels in each category, looking at features such as spaciousness, weather capabilities, and features. We identified products great for families looking to car camp once a summer on a budget, as well as groups looking to camp all year round in rain, snow, or shine. Since my tents have largely come from REI Co-op, I can attest to their quality, but for other brands, I looked towards product reviews and other experts to identify my other top picks. I made sure to look at several sources for each product, including GearLab, the New York Times’ Wirecutter, The Wise Adventurer, Camping Maniacs, Switchback Travel, and more.

FAQs on 6-person tents

You’ve got questions, Task & Purpose has answers.

Q. How big are 6-person tents?

A: Six-person tents generally have 80 to 100 square feet of floor area, ranging from eight to 12 feet on either side. They typically have a peak height taller than six feet, allowing most people to comfortably walk around. 

Q. Who needs a 6-person camping tent?

A: These massive tents are great for families or groups with four to six members. As they are quite heavy, they are largely suited for camping in the backyard and car camping, as well as music festivals.

Q. What are the other benefits of a 6-person tent?

A: Six-person tents generally have ample storage space, with pockets on the inside and large vestibules to store larger gear or to cook under when it’s raining. They also often include room dividers for some extra privacy. 

Q. What are the disadvantages of these tents?

A: These tents are quite heavy, so you won’t want to bring them into the backcountry. It also can be difficult to fit them on a tent pad in a campsite, so you’ll have to ensure you have a large enough space.