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Published Jan 3, 2021 12:29 PM

Whether you’re trying to preserve space or improve your patio, a good folding table can make all the difference. Need to conserve space in your apartment? With these tables, you can offer seating without making it a permanent installation. Want to host a game night? There are folding tables available in all shapes and sizes, letting you customize any space with comfortable seating. For any modern home, at least one versatile folding table is a must-have — if only just in case.

Of course, not all folding tables are made alike, and the number of choices can be overwhelming. To help you find the perfect seating arrangement, we’ve curated a list of the best folding tables on the market. Check out this breakdown of quality tables so you can enhance your living space. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality table that works well for every occasion, the Office Star Resin Folding Table is a solid approach. It is four feet across, giving you sufficient space to do just about anything, and the height is adjustable. Colored pale gray, this lightweight table is easy to bring just about anywhere. With the legs folded up, this table becomes incredibly easy to store. Paired with the water and scratch-proof coating, this folding table is a highly durable model that works in pretty much any situation. Whether you need a table for hosting a dinner or game night, this is a solid way to go.

Want a table that is designed to last over the long term? Consider the Mr. Ironstone Folding Computer Desk for its compact and versatile design. For starters, it is easy to assemble, coming with all the instructions you need to get started. Once in place, this desk gives you more than 31 inches of space to hold your laptop or other office supplies. The table itself features dark metal legs and a wood-patterned top. Meant to be compatible with any office setup, this table can work either as a permanent or temporary installation. Folding down when not in use, this stylish table makes a decorative and functional addition to any room.

Enjoy hosting game night but don’t want to use your regular dinner table? Then the Flash Furniture Folding Card Table is a worthy addition to your setup. While it is designed for card and board games, the table is actually able to support up to 130 pounds (provided the weight is distributed properly). Designed to seat four people comfortably, this table is both stylish and easy to use. Made out of padded vinyl material and paired with easy-folding legs, it is sturdy and stands up against damage. Waterproof and scratch-resistant, the tabletop is made to last.

When finding a table that’s going to withstand wear and tear is your focus, the Iceberg Indestructible Folding Table is a great selection. The top of the table offers 600 square inches of surface area, offering enough room for a lot of different activities. The legs are made out of high-grade steel and designed to support a significant amount of weight; plus, since they are powder-coated, rust and corrosion isn’t a worry. You can adjust the height of the table by more than three inches, adding to the convenience of the table experience. With legs that fold up easily, you can effortlessly store this table in between uses. Comfortably seating two, this sturdy table is meant to last.

Need something that you can take camping without worrying about damage from the elements? Take a look at the FiveJoy Folding Camping Table for its sturdy yet lightweight design. It offers roughly 500 square inches of surface area and is able to support a substantial amount of weight. The top of the table is entirely waterproof and meant to withstand all types of damage including sunlight and extreme temperatures. The table has an adjustable height, reaching between 22 and 28 inches. It’s easy to set up and equally simple to take down, letting you spend more time enjoying the great outdoors. Able to support 66 pounds of distributed weight, you can use it to hold everything from camping backpacks to food supplies.

Know that you need a folding table, but aren’t planning on a dedicated purpose for it? Well, the versatility of the Forup Folding Utility Table can offer a lot of value. It features a six-foot-long rectangular tabletop that is able to support quite a bit of weight. The top is made out of a dense polyethylene which is naturally resistant to both scratching and moisture. The light color won’t take on the heat while rust-resistant and durable legs offer a sturdy construction. The table comes ready-to-use, requiring little setup to get started. With legs that fold reliably and aren’t prone to wear at the hinges, this versatile table is a worthy addition to any household.

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How we chose our top picks

Folding tables are used everywhere from conventions to picnics to camping, so the best options need to be versatile. First, we looked at the different types and styles of folding tables along with the materials used in construction. Equipped with this information, we got to work looking for a diverse selection of folding tables. This way, there’s an option for every budget and any situation. We shortlisted the most promising candidates; then, using user feedback, firsthand knowledge, and company reputation, we finalized the roundup. The result is a series of lightweight, durable folding tables that you can use with ease.

Types of folding tables

When it comes to the wide world of folding tables, the options are really diverse. The key to finding the best folding table for your needs is to figure out what you plan to use it for. There are desk-sized folding tables, meant for indoor use and office applications. You can get larger tables that work both indoors and outdoors, though because they are meant to fit inside, the tables will be smaller. The heaviest-duty tables tend to be rectangular and larger since they are meant for outdoor applications. As you can see from the tables on this list, you can use a folding table for everything from camping to game night to working from home. 

Key features of folding tables

  • Tabletop: The tabletop is an essential component of any folding table. It dictates the amount of space you will get when the table is expanded. Plus, since this part usually won’t become more compact, it is the most important consideration when it comes to storage. Ideally, the tabletop will be made out of an inert polymer that is durable against scratches, moisture, and impact. 
  • Folding legs: Critical to the folding function of these tables is the legs. In most cases, they will be made out of steel material. Since rusted hinges compromise the function of the table, it is important to find something that resists corrosion. Top-quality tables feature legs that extend over different heights, letting you customize the table for a variety of settings. 
  • Weight threshold: This is especially important if you plan to use the table to support heavy items. Depending on the materials used in the construction of the table, it will be able to support a different amount of weight. Keep in mind that the noted weight threshold refers to distributed weight, so be sure to spread out your heavy objects. 
  • Protection: In order for the table to not pinch your fingers when opening, and to avoid collapsing under the weight, the legs need some kind of locking feature. This is the part that holds the extended legs in place. Usually, it will be a mechanical metal part that you manually place when the legs are extended. You’ll move this part to collapse the table. It is especially important that this part isn’t prone to rust. 

Benefits of folding tables

There are a lot of advantages to having folding tables, not the least of which is easy transportation; chances are, your regular household table is too bulky to bring on a camping trip! Conversely, folding tables end up compact and are easy to haul around. This also means that the table is easier to store when not in use. Another key benefit is versatility. Throw on a tablecloth and it becomes a decoration; put a set of cards and some chips out and it becomes a poker table. Useful for everything from household to outdoor applications, folding tables are a versatile asset to keep around. 

Folding table pricing 

Since folding tables are so diverse in construction, you can find them at a variety of price points. The good news is that, for how useful they are, folding tables are actually pretty affordable. You can get a heavy-duty outdoor table in the range of $80. If you are working with a smaller budget, you can get more compact options for less than $40. As with most furniture, the more space (and resulting utility) you get, the higher the price point. Since the tables are designed to last over the long term, they are definitely a worthy investment. 

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