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So, you’ve got your range bag packed and you’re all ready for a day of shooting. But what’s this? You’re going to trust your long-term hearing to a cheap pair of disposable foam earplugs? Your ears deserve better. I get it, spending money on weapon lights, optics, backup sights, and ammo is more fun than safety equipment, but what if I told you you could upgrade to quality shooting ear protection without breaking the bank?

Several brands have slashed prices on some of our favorite electronic hearing protection right now. Rather than plugging your ears, you can reduce the volume of harmful noises and allow range commands and ambient sounds through to maintain situational awareness. Some can even pull double duty as Bluetooth headphones that allow you to listen to music and make phone calls. 

We’re big proponents of PPE that does its job well, and we always look for ways to save you money. These deals from Walker’s, Peltor, and Caldwell do both. There’s no telling how long these deals will last, so if you need fresh shooting ear protectioon, now is the time to act.

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: was $129.99, now $76.87
Seller: Amazon

If you’ve read our hands-on review of the original Walker’s Razor active earmuffs, you know I’m a big fan. Even though the sound quality isn’t anything to get excited about, they’re comfortable, affordable, and do a nice job of turning gunshots into muffled pops while allowing voices and ambient sounds to come through loud and clear. The Quad version takes situational awareness a step further by adding a rear-facing microphone to each earpiece. The result is 360-degree hearing that’s closer to what you’d experience without hearing protection.

That upgrade alone will cost you $60 on sale, but for $77 you can get the Bluetooth version and pair your ear pro with your phone to listen to music or make phone calls. Separate volume knobs let you adjust audio and ambient sound volume independently. Both variations use the slim Razor ear cups and low-profile headband shooters know and love. If you wear ear pro for shooting, yard chores, and work, the Bluetooth option is a worthwhile upgrade. If not, the standard Quadsetup is a big step up from the original Razor and a steal at 25 percent off.

Price: was $84.99, now $73.68
Seller: Amazon

Peltor’s entry-level active hearing protection isn’t much cheaper than the Walker’s Razor Quad Comm BT, but if every dollar counts, these are another option for you to consider. One advantage they have is thicker padding on the headband, which might make them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also have a 3.5-millimeter jack to run an auxiliary cord or hook up a radio.

These are definitely budget-focused active earmuffs, and you should absolutely double up with earplugs if you’re going to use them indoors. Still, they’re a popular choice among our readers and serve as a viable gateway into the world of active electronic hearing protection. If you can save a few bucks in the process, all the better.

Price: was $299.99, now $149.99
Seller: Amazon

When I tested the original Walker’s Silencer earbuds, I was impressed with the sound quality and variety of audio profiles. Being able to adjust each earbud independently was also a nice perk. This time around, Walker’s updated these earbuds with longer battery life, extended Bluetooth range, and improved connection between the two earbuds. The app has been a serious point of contention in the past and I never had success with it, but Silencer 2.0 BT earbuds can also be controlled by touch or voice commands. The case serves as a power station for the earbuds’ rechargeable batteries and can keep them topped off for a full day of shooting. You should expect a little bit of a learning curve with these earbuds, but the reward is worth it. Of course, any time you can score $300 ear pro for $150, it’s hard not to come out on top.

Price: was $199.99, now $149.88
Seller: Amazon

Peltor’s Sport Tactical 500 earmuffs provide a nice alternative to the more budget-friendly Sport Tactical 100 and Walker’s Razor Quad Comm BT. For the extra money, you’ll get more sophisticated sound profiles, better audio quality, and a product that just feels more premium. Peltor’s Dynamic Suppression Time automatically adjusts to the environment to reduce the volume of gunshots more effectively. Meanwhile, the Clear Voice Tracking feature identifies and amplifies human voices to keep you aware of your surroundings. Rounding it all out is Bluetooth connectivity that makes these a great piece of gear on and off the firing line. As good as all this is, the best feature might be the $50 discount available right now.

Price: was $144.99, now $84.10
Seller: Amazon

Active electronic hearing protection earbuds for less than $85? Yes, please. Caldwell’s E-Max shadows are a user-friendly option that’s easy to use and they make it easy to do the right thing when it comes to protecting your hearing. They come with six sizes of earcups to get just the right fit, and the sound suppression does a solid job of making a day at the range less of a strain on your ears. During hands-on testing of the E-Max Shadows, I appreciated how easy it was to learn the controls and make these earbuds part of my range day routine. Are they as advanced as some of the other products here? No, but it’s nice to have choices to fit different budgets. If you want active in-ear hearing protection but can’t justify springing for a pair of Walker’s Silencer earbuds, these are just what you need. Oh, and these are flat dark earth instead of gloss black. Expect your shooting to improve accordingly.

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