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It’s pretty hard to get any kind of tactical advantage without the use of your hands. Now, while gloves might not literally transform your hands into an assault rifle, tactical gloves offer a host of benefits. Protecting your skin from contagion and abrasion alike, the primary purpose of your gloves is to keep your hands safe. On the tactical end of things, reinforced knuckles and breathable yet tough material stops you from getting hurt. Ever thrown a punch without wrapping your hands? The damage can range from cut-up knuckles to broken fingers. Not only do tactical gloves keep your hands safe, but they also drastically improve grip.

While there’s no doubt that the benefits of tactical gloves are far-reaching, it can be a challenge to find the right pair. You want something that won’t impair your dexterity yet will actually be thick enough to keep you safe. To lend a hand, we’ve tracked down the best tactical gloves on the market along with some advice on making the right pick.

Whether it’s a survival situation or you’re out for a hike, the Tac9er Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves work to keep your hands safe. Made primarily out of polyester and microfiber fabrics, these gloves have reinforced seams to ensure durability. The real stand out with these gloves is the kevlar lining, giving you an impressive edge in the face of sharp objects and extreme heat. With sturdy knuckles that give you extra impact when throwing a punch, the gloves offer tactical advantages in all areas. With an effective grip on the palms and good traction at the fingertips, these gloves are reliable in law enforcement scenarios. Making a great addition to outdoor gear or a prepper’s bug-out bag, these gloves are definitely worth a look.

Ever fumbled with a small piece of hardware when wearing gloves, not quite able to get the grip you need? In a low-stakes situation, it’s a nuisance. If the stakes are higher, though, it can be a serious risk. That’s where the Glove Station Combat Fingerless Gloves can help. Protecting your knuckles, palm, and the upper part of your wrist, these gloves help you grip without compromising control. By leaving your fingers exposed, you can more easily feel for a trigger or control a clasp. Sure, this comes with downsides, like insufficient insulation and added risk for your fingers. However, if you’re looking for a grip-strengthening glove, this is the way to go. Made out of artificial leather, you can keep a good grip without worrying about moisture buildup. A worthy addition to your readiness supplies, these gloves offer a lot of value at a reasonable price.

Sure, gloves have been around as far back as records go, but the same isn’t true for smart devices. Nowadays, the phrase tactical has a new meaning  — with communication often relying on touchscreen devices. Freetoo Touch Screen Tactical Gloves let you control your devices without needing to remove your gear. This stops you from exposing your hands to the elements and from wasting precious time in an emergency. In addition to this fundamental benefit, these resilient gloves offer a host of other advantages. The reinforced knuckles feature neoprene that buffers force on your knuckles during a fight. Should you find yourself in an armed conflict, the bend on the trigger fingers gives you the control and precision you require. Built to retain structural integrity for over 1,300 washes and remain slip-resistant throughout, these gloves can help you survive any situation.

When you’re talking about everyday carry gear, it’s a matter of selecting practical items that will perform optimally without bogging you down. That’s where WCTactful Full Finger Tactical Gloves come into play. Especially good for cooler weather conditions, these gloves work for anything from hunting to combat, holding tightly in place thanks to the Velcro closure. Resilient knuckles spread out force protecting both your skin and bones. With a reasonably flexible finger design, these gloves let you hold items reliably. You can even use the fingertips on a touch screen. Reinforced stitching and well-ventilated material prevents discomfort and wicks away perspiration. The main virtue of these gloves is versatility. If you’re prepping EDC gear, it’s about identifying the most likely scenarios and readying yourself. These gloves let you stay ready for everything from cold weather to a fistfight.

Your hands won’t be good for much if they’re frozen, and for large chunks of the year, that’s a real risk. If you have to brave the cold, you need Reebow Military Tactical Gloves on your side. It all comes down to insulation. Yes, these full-finger gloves give you a reliable grip and protect your knuckles. But what they do even better is keep your hands far from frostbitten and help you avoid hypothermia. The thick material is crafted in a comfortable manner, holding your glove tightly to your hand. By using a blend of microfiber and leather textiles, you get the benefits of water-resistance and heat retention. Protecting you against all types of risk, both environmental and situational, these cold-weather tactical gloves are worth keeping on standby.

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Why should you trust us

Picking out the right pair of tactical gloves is all about planning ahead. Think about where you are most likely to use them. Is it on the shooting range? Surviving the wilderness? In a fistfight? By figuring out where you plan to use the gloves, you can identify the type that will most match your needs. 

Full-finger shooting gloves

Used in law enforcement and the military, full-finger gloves offer the highest level of protection. By avoiding exposed skin, you can more easily protect yourself. It’s a lot easier to get cut or scratched without protection, and the full-finger design gives you a layer of security. These gloves are usually made out of more than one material. Typically, it includes leather (either natural or artificial), polyester, and microfiber. Higher-quality models also include a kevlar layer, though this adds to their weight. 

Where full-finger shooting gloves shine is in the overall grip and design of the trigger fingers. The gloves — both the fingers and palms — are meant to give you a good grip. For shooting, these fingers have extra flexibility, making it easier to bend the joint. Finally, this type of glove has thinner fingertips to let you feel your surroundings more easily.  

Fingerless tactical gloves

There are situations where you need to protect your whole hand. Other times call for all the dexterity you can get. Fingerless gloves are the type of tactical gear for the latter circumstance. 

Made out of the same material as full-finger gloves, these offer wrist protection. Attaching to the top part of your wrist, the gloves help to keep you stabilized. The palm cover lends to better grip and prevents issues like rope burn and other abrasions. The material rises to just above your knuckles, leaving the middle joint on your finger open. 

By leaving the fingers open, two benefits come to light. The first is that the gloves breathe better. Your hands can stay dry and at a comfortable, cool temperature more easily. Plus, since you can feel surfaces, you literally get tactile and tactical advantages. 

Touchscreen-compatible tactical gloves

It’s no secret that communication is a massive part of any tactical maneuver, and in current times, that means your smartphone. From location-tracking via GPS on your devices to basics like making an emergency call, you need to be able to use your phone quickly. Touchscreen-compatible tactical gloves let you control the screen without removing your gear. 

Eliminating issues with the reliability of voice commands on your phone, these gloves incorporate metal in the textile. Usually either aluminum or copper, these fibers can run a current (like your bare skin does). The fingertips of the gloves incorporate the metal so you can use your phone. Since it is woven into the regular fabric, there isn’t a scratching risk on the screen. 

What to consider when buying tactical gloves

Whether you’re getting them as a seasonal gift or something to flesh out your survival kit, if you want to avoid getting lousy gear, there are some things to consider. After you’ve figured out what type you’re getting, look into the materials used to make the glove. The palm should incorporate leather; and, ideally, there is a kevlar lining. Check for reinforced knuckles to protect against impact. 

Next, you’ll want to look at the stitching and consider flexibility. You’ll need to be able to move your hands while wearing the gloves, and that means tough dreams that don’t restrict motion. If you want the gun to accommodate shooting, check to see that the knuckles have an extra bend on the trigger fingers. 

After you’ve looked at the design and materials, turn your sights to the closure. Some use Velcro, others a hook-and-loop method. It needs to reliably stay in place throughout use. Tactical gloves are essentially a piece of armor. Be sure that it lives up to the same standards in terms of durability, and the protection it offers against everything from cold weather to combat scenarios. 

Benefits of tactical gloves

There’s seemingly no end to the advantages of tactical gloves, so let’s start with the basics: They protect your hands. The skin coverage limits your risk of exposure to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold). It also serves as a barrier between your hands and the widespread pathogens covering literally everything. From staph to fungus to strange parasites that cling to your skin, since it’s estimated you touch your face 16 times each hour, it’s not the worst thing to cover it with gloves. 

Next, let’s look at the grip factor. Dropping your gear is never good, whether that’s a flashlight, knife, or gun. Instead of your sweaty hands letting gravity take over, your gloves help you keep a tight grip on your gear. They are compact enough to fit easily in your tactical backpack and are there when you need them. From health and safety benefits to plain old convenience, tactical gloves make life easier. 

  • Gives you a steady, reliable grip on your supplies regardless of the weather
  • Insulates your hands against the cold, helping reduce the risk of frostbite
  • Flexible enough to allow full manual dexterity with many including added bending range on trigger fingers
  • Breathes well and reduces the risk of slipping due to perspiration on your hands
  • Protects your knuckles from impact if you’re in a physical altercation
  • Easy to clean and quality models last for approximately 900 wash cycles
  • Prevent you from getting stabbed or injured due to abrasion

Pricing ranges for tactical gloves

  • Under $20: In this price range, you will mostly find fingerless gloves. Lightweight and really useful in warm weather, they won’t provide sufficient insulation in cold environments. 
  • Between $20 and $50: This is the sweet spot for tactical gloves. In this category, you can find all types of this gear. At this price point, you can expect quality materials and all the protective and functional requirements of a heavy-duty tactical glove.  
  • Over $50: In all honesty, while you can find gloves for this price, it’s probably overdoing it. You can get the same features and benefits out of a less costly pair without dropping so much dough. 

How we chose our top picks

Tracking down the best tactical gloves available involved a lot of research — the quality can literally make or break a survival scenario. First, we learned about the history of gloves, identifying the benefits to expect. We looked into the textile science of materials used to make tech-compatible models. Equipped with this information, we shortlisted several well-reviewed gloves. From there, we investigated the merit of each pair individually. Aiming to provide a thorough cross-section of different glove types and to represent all budgets, we finalized our list. The result is a breakdown of the top tactical gloves available to get you through whatever life throws your way. 

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