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Citizen watches are some of the most popular timepieces on the market, and since the company makes a lot of watches, there’s usually something for everyone in their catalog. That said, some options stand out more than others as time-tested classics. From dive watches to aviation navitimers, Citizen has you covered with fantastic deals on Amazon Prime Day 2022.

Take a look below and check out the best deep discounts on Citizen watches for Prime Day and add a little flair to your wrist — all while saving yourself a bundle of cash.

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Price: $146.99
Save: 58%

The Citizen Promaster Diver is one of our consistent top picks for a great tool watch at a great price. On any day of the week, this officially-certified diver is a no-brainer, but for Prime Day you can have the watch for less than $150, which is the price that some people pay for no-name Chinese brands rather than a household name. Trust us: the Promaster Diver is a solid addition to any collection.

The Titanium Wonder

Price: $281.98
Save: 37%

Titanium is becoming noticebly more popular as a material for watches owing to its light weight, durability, and unique texture. The Brycen is a vintage-style watch with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. Reliable, accurate, and light, the Brycen enjoys all the conveniences of modern technology while still remaining extremely good looking on your wrist.

Price: $354.42
Save: 49%

The Citizen Nighthawk is one of my favorite watches of all time, a truly fantastic aviation watch that handles nearly every airborne task for dead reckoning navigation. This is the chronograph version too, which means you’ve got timekeeping, fuel consumption calculation, time of day, distance traveled, and a stopwatch — vall in the same Blue Angels-themed vessel. Fly straight and true with this excellent watch.

The Everyday Pilot

Price: $99.39
Save: 24%

Making an already affordable watch even more of a steal, this is a classic-style solar-powered pilot’s watch that’s available less than $100, any eye-popping price no matter who you are. Need I say more?

The World Traveler

Price: $196.88
Save: 30%

For those who travel often and cross multiple timezones — or for those who at least want to look like they do — the Calendrier is the perfect choice. This watch displays the time, day, date, and month of the year, all on the same dial, and looks classy while doing it at a price that can’t be beat.

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