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Buying a perfect EDC knive can be a tricky task. Many of the options on the market are either undeservedly expensive or cheap mall ninja crap. But whether you’re building a bug-out bag or simply putting together your regular everyday carry loadout, an EDC knife is an essential piece of your kit and you should take your time when buying one and examine as many options as you can.

Now, we have a special place in our hearts for good knives, from the best pocket knives to the best survival knives and everything in between. And this means when we get wind of a solid deal on some trusty knives, our ears perk up. To that end, we’ve roundup up the best Cyber Monday deals on EDC knives from outlets like Amazon and BladeHQ.

Go forth, and buy blades!

Boker Desert Warrior Kalashnikov ($39.99, was $74.95)

Boker Kalashnikov Harpoon ($44.99, was $74.95)

Boker Mini Warhawk ($44.99, was $74.95)

Boker Vox Kompakt ($39.99, was $69.95)

Civivi Brazen ($43.50, was $58)

Civivi Elementum ($56.25, was $75)

Civivi Odium ($46.50, was $62)

Civivi Pintail ($73.50, was $98)

Cold Steel Recon 1 ($109.99, was $176.99)

CRKT Hissatsu ($60.12, was $65.39)

CRKT Pilar ($39.99, was $64.95)

Gerber Air Ranger ($25.88, was $32.10)

Gerber Paraframe, Tanto ($13.24, was $16.50)

Gerber Straightlace ($26.11, was $36)

Gerber Sumo ($28.51, was $36.70)

Gerber Swagger ($29.98, was $51)

Kershaw Amplitude ($25.49, was $28)

Kershaw Barricade ($25.49, was $28.88)

Kershaw Chill ($25.49, was $37.99)

Kershaw Fatback ($25.49, was $28.48)

Kershaw Link ($79.99, was $129.99)

Kershaw Nura ($17.99, was $54.95)

Old Timer 34OT Middleman ($18.95, was $31.26)

Old Timer 858OT Lumberjack ($19.72, was $22.29)

Old Timer 900OT ($20.30, was $25.33)

QSP Parrot ($23.08, was $28.85)

QSP Penguin ($24.99, was $39.95)

Schrade SCHA3BS ($38.53, was $42.85)

SOG Aegis ($12.99, was $34.95)

WE Banter ($108.75, was $145)

Zero Tolerance 0350TS ($131.99, was $164)

BONUS: Schrade Hatchet and Mini Machete combo pack ($22.99, was $29.43)