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Here at Task & Purpose, we’ve spent the holiday season rounding up some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and discounts on everything from camping equipment and fitness gear to tactical crap and video games in search of diamonds in the rough, all with the goal of saving you time and money on your holiday shopping. And while we’ve already spotlighted a great deal on this Ka-Bar Marine Corps fighting knife, there’s an even better Ka-Bar deal out there waiting for you to snatch it up.

Yes, reader, we’re talking about the Ka-Bar ZA-Saw pizza cutter, which is an absolutely real thing.

Now, as most God-fearing Americans know, the Ka-Bar fighting knife is a Marine Corps fixture steeped in legend for nearly the last century. Even the name “Ka-Bar” has its roots in folklore: According to the company, there’s an urban legend that in the 1900s, the company — then called Union Cutlery — received a letter from a fur trapper detailing a harrowing encounter with a grizzly bear that he killed with his trusty Union Cutlery hunting knife. The writing was so smudged, the only letters discernible in that passage were “K A Bar”; from this legend, the KA-BAR trademark was born.

We can only assume that the Ka-Bar pizza cutter will be just as legendary an addition to your home arsenal — and for just $20.97 (down 28 percent from a list price fo $29) on Amazon, you can own one for a relative steal. Just don’t forget to yell ‘OORAH!’ when you use it.