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Holiday shopping can be a giant pain in the ass. So many people! So many choices! So little time! Luckily, the Task & Purpose editorial team is here with a few suggestions for your consideration. Enjoy, and happy holidays!


The Leatherman Wave+ multitool

I've never been entirely handy, but that all changed a few years ago when my brother decided to give his groomsmen specially-engraved Leatherman multitools to commemorate his wedding. The thing has been a constant companion since, and it's the major handheld multitool I swear by. Sure, it's not small or light enough to really qualify as EDC, but it's certainly served me well every day I carry it with me. [Buy]

— Jared Keller, deputy editor

550 Paracord

Parachute or “550 Cord” as it is commonly referred to, is a do it all type of gift for that special someone. If you need an extra shoelace, boom. Need to tie together some poncho liners or tarps to stay dry? 550 has got you. No matter what the need, Parachute Cord is the gift that keeps on giving. [Buy]

— Clay Beyersdorfer, social media editor

TaoTronics noise cancelling headphones

I'm a huge fan of these headphones, which are like Bose noise cancelling headphones but without the insane price tag. [Buy]

— Paul Szoldra, editor-in-chief

​Hidden lotion flasks

This package of three lotion bottle flasks are perfect to disguise whatever cheap liquor you got your hands on to bring to an event that probably definitely doesn't encourage alcohol consumption: a young child's outdoor birthday party, company picnics, training for the ACFT — the options are endless. Drink responsibly, and seriously — use your moisturizers and your sun screens, you animals. [Buy]

— Haley Britzky, Army reporter

Military-'inspired' clothing

When it comes to holiday gifts, I go in for the gag swag. So, if you happen to have that one relative who won't shut the hell up about how they almost joined the military, but couldn't because: College; their hardcore ska band was about to make it big; they just got a promotion at the deep-fried twinkie stand at the boardwalk; or some other totally not lame excuse — then this helpful shopping list is for them.

Yes, yes, I know, a shopping guide within a shopping guide. Too much of a hassle to click the link? Fine, just splurge on this Ralph Lauren's Marauder's Jacket. If that's too steep, then how about a $30 glowbelt? [Buy]

— James Clark, senior reporter

GrowlerWorks portable keg

I'm sorry, but its a 64 oz portable keg with a carbonation cap. Do you really need me to say more? [Buy]

— Jared Keller, deputy editor

Blue Falcon action figures

I do not own this figure, but when a (clears throat) friend of mine discovered it on, I knew it would be a hit for service members who want something special to give to their least favorite battle buddy. The 1/18 scale figure comes with a tactical axe for high-speed backstabbing and special boots designed for avoiding working parties and leaving work early. [Buy]

— David Roza, editorial intern

Ovalware cold brew coffee maker

I cannot live without my iced coffee in the morning, no matter what season it is, and this coffee-maker is ideal for brewing overnight pots of that sweet, sweet nectar. Plus, we have no doubts that you can find a veteran-run coffee brand to fill it up with. [Buy]

— Jared Keller, deputy editor

Anker wireless phone charger

I recently bought this thing, which works as both a charger and a stand for my iPhone. What I love about it is you can drop your phone in the cradle and have it charging all day, and if you happen to get a FaceTime call or anything else, it's in the perfect position where you can just set it down and not have to worry about carrying your phone around in front of your face all awkward as hell. [Buy]

— Paul Szoldra, editor-in-chief

Northwall key organizer

I carry a lot of keys for a lot of reasons, but I also live in constant fear of stabbing myself in the balls when I sit down. Thank God for this lightweight compact key holder, which holds up to 10 keys and a relatively useful little EDC tool. [Buy]

— Jared Keller, deputy editor

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