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As I wrote last week, weapons like that savage Cyclone spiral knife are designed with a very specific function in mind: to intimidate. But despite the effectiveness of say, the threat of a getting brained with a spiked pommel or filleted with stainless steel, it’s often inappropriate to wander the sleepy streets of your hometown with a deadly weapon swinging from your hip. So how do you protect yourself without scaring the bejesus out of innocent bystanders at the same time?

That’s where Nunchuck Grips comes in. The Orange, California outdoor-equipment company specializes in meshing adventure with self-defense in the form of the Nunchuck Knife, an elegant 2.1-inch, stainless-steel blade concealed within an innocuous-looking cylindrical grip, just in case someone tries to mug you when you’re mountain biking.

It seems ridiculous, but the concept has a fewinteresting applications. The specially made, 130mm waffle-style grips come designed for bicycles, umbrellas, and trekking poles (because armed robbery is absolutely a concern when cross-country skiing); for those who prefer a less stabby form of self-defense, the company offers concealable pepper spray with a 12-foot range.

Photo by Nunchuck Grips

The different configurations vary in price depending on the nature of the grip and its payload, but a simple blade-and-holster configuration will only cost you about $25, which is a steal for such a deadly little surprise.

Photo by Nunchuck Grips

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